Meeting & Event Spaces

Meeting and Event Spaces

To check availability or to reserve the following rooms, please utilize the space request system through the University Scheduling Office. The Campus Center is available for university events and meetings. 

First Floor

Second Floor

Ground Floor

Faunce Steps & Terrace (South Exterior)

Furnished with wrought iron round tables, chairs, and benches.

 The ramp to Faunce terrace is accessible from the 1st floor of the Campus Center.


Petteruti Lounge (Room 201)

Flexible room with tables and chair inventory, available for use or easily stored in closets at front of room. Lounge seating available around the perimeter.

A/V Equipment:
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • AirMedia capabilities
  • Audio/Visual touch control panel on podium
    • 1 podium microphone
    • 1 outlet on podium
    • 1 HDMI, 1 VGA & 1 Audio adaptor

This room is accessible by the main elevator and through the Leung Gallery.

Class of 1959 Room/Conference Room 225

Conference table seating 12 with 6 extra chairs. Large TV screen accepting input from installed DVD player or laptop brought by user.

A/V Equipment:
  • Monitor
  • Audio/Visual touch control panel (beneath monitor)
  • AirMedia capabilities
  • 2 outlets (at table center)
  • 1 HDMI, 1 VGA & 1 Audio adaptor
  • 1 phone

This room is accessible by the main elevator.

Faunce Memorial Room (Room 229)

This room is furnished with 8 plush lounge chairs and coffee tables. There are also 4 square tables with 8 chairs.

A/V equipment


This room is accessible by the main elevator.

The Underground (Room 001)

Formerly a bar, this room is now home to the Brown Student Agencies' Underground Coffee Shop throughout the academic year. It is available on week nights and weekends, and may be configured in multiple ways to accommodate small socials, performances or other gatherings.

The furniture in the room includes forty-three (43) chairs and a mixture of dining and bistro tables.

Sound System including:
  • Surround sound speakers
  • Aux port (must bring your own aux cable)
  • Multiple microphone ports
  • Basic soundboard

Microphones and cables are available to loan from the Student Activities Office prior to your event. You are encouraged to visit the space prior to your event and take a look at available equipment and set up.

Additional A/V Equipment:
  • Projector 
  • Projector screen
  • HDMI or VGA input with outlet (at the end of the bar)
  • Remote control for use of projector

If additional sound equipment, lighting, staging or professional sound technician is needed for your event, please coordinate this with Event Support.

This room is accessible by the main elevator.

Kasper Multipurpose Room (Room 040)

The room is flexible and may be configured in multiple ways to accommodate many events. The available standing capacity is 463 persons; set-ups with furniture will accommodate fewer people (e.g. banquet with a maximum of 200).

Access to tables and chairs available upon request from the Student Activities Office.

A/V Equipment: 
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Wall-mounted Audio/Visual control panel
  • 1 HDMI & 1 VGA output (on wall beneath A/V panel) 
  • 1 HDMI & 1 VGA input (on wall beneath projector screen)

Four set-up diagrams are available to assist you in planning your program:

This room is accessible via the doubledoor entrance on Waterman St. by loading dock. It's located on the far left of the building between Faunce House, 75 Waterman St., and 85 Waterman St.

  • This entrance is typically locked. You will need to call the Department of Public Safety's non-emergency line (401-863-3322) to unlock it for your event.

This room is also accessible via use of the Ground floor ramp, to your right when crossing the Faunce Arch from Waterman St. to the Main Green, then by use of a small elevator followed by a lift (no key necessary for use).


Last updated 3/24/20