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Listen as the CareerLAB explores 4 seasons of career advice, alumni adventures and employer stories. Our newest series, BrownConnect Alumni Conversations, speaks to alumni about the paths that ultimately led them to their current professional roles. Not all paths are straight and in each episode we will explore the twists, turns, and curves that confronted alumni as they explored their interests and passions.


Season 4 | BrownConnect Conversations
Tune in as alumni talk about the paths that ultimately led them to their current professional roles. Not all paths are straight and in each episode we will explore the twists, turns, and curves that confronted alumni as they explored their interests and passions.

Episode 1
Join us as we chat with Andrew Gonzales, a 2016 alum and recent Harvard Law School graduate.
What paths took him to his current role as a first year associate and how has networking made the difference?     
Episode 2

Aimee Lucido '13 | Author
We chat with 2013 grad Aimee Lucido, a Computer Science and Literary Arts concentrator turned author. She explains how her career path zigzagged from software engineering to becoming an author, and how you can make a career out of many intersecting talents and interests.

Episode 3 Emily Adams '18 | Screenwriter
We catch up with Emily Adams '18, a transfer student who squeezed the most out of her time at Brown, and launched her career as a screenwriter amidst the pandemic. We talk about the benefits of self-discipline, taking calculated risks, and staying true to yourself (even if that means making some tough choices along the way.
Episode 4 Bianca Duah '16 | Medical Student 
Listen as we speak with alumna Bianca Duah '16 about her path from Brown to medical school at The University of Rochester School of Medicine. She tells us all about the importance of living in your season and taking your time to reach your goals in a way that is authentic to you. 
Episode 5

Jonathan Groff '83 | TV writer & Producer

Join us as we chat with Jonathan Groff.  His story shows that there is no “one way” to get to our respective destinations, and listening to yourself and doing what feels organic to you is a valuable practice as you make your way there.


Azeez Adeyemi '21 | Finance

Join Sarah as she catches up with Azeez Adeyemi '21, who currently works for Tradeweb in New York. Azeez reflects on making the shift from full-time student to full-time employee, and what success and progress look like outside of the Brown bubble.

Episode 7

John Goncalves '14, MAT '15 | Teacher, Councilman & Author

We’re excited to share our conversation with John Goncalves, class of 2013 and 2015 graduate of the MAT program. An educator and Councilman of Ward one in Providence, John talks about the best ways to prepare for the role of “teacher.” And his best advice for students looking for a career in public service? Get involved and take that first step towards your goal by doing something–big or small. That first step can often set you on a path of impactful work.

Season 3 | The JobPod

What is the JobPod? A short podcast to help students hear from some of the top minds at work and prepare for life after Brown University.

Episode 1


Episode 2:
The Who and Whys behind MoneyGirls with CEO and Founder Judy Zhu
 Connecting the rising generation of smart, motivated women with the knowledge to confidently and capably run their own money) 
Episode 3: Taking that Pain out of Networking with Kyriana Reddy '20
Networking doesn't have to be stressful. Listen as Kyriana discusses how networking has benefited her career search.  
Episode 4:

Debt Management-It's Doable with Hannah Velasquez '19
Hannah graduated with almost 80,000 dollars in student loan debts. Listen as she tells us how she did it and how you can too.  

Episode 5: Investing After Brown with Yanely Espinal '11
Episode 6:

First Steps / Second Steps: Finance with Alumni Claire Su '17 and Hannah Velasquez '19
Listen as two recent alums discuss their career path after graduating from Brown. Find out where they ended up and how they got there.

Season 2 | COVID- 19
This season we speak with students to find out how their summers and careers are being affected by the pandemic.

Season 1 | Talk It Out
It can be scary to express your worries and fears or ask your questions about the internship, job, and career search. We asked alumni to reflect back on the experience of hunting for jobs and talk about the fears and pressures they felt.   Read more about the Talk It Out Podcast.

Episode 1 Intro:
Interviews with 7 Brown alums about the experience of finding jobs and internships.
Episode 2:
All in the Timing:
A look into myths surrounding the timeline of the job search with Rachel Black, Brown class of 2016.
Episode 3: Alternative Networking:
A look into using networks you already have to get a job.
Episode 4: Doing what you love?:
Interviewing Kimberley Charles Brown '16 on how to find the "perfect" job, even if you aren't sure about what you want to do.
Episode 5:

Careers in the Common Good:
Producer Eve Grassfield speaks with two alumni, Ari and Andrew, who, in their senior years, were seeking first jobs after graduation in the non-profit and government sectors. Both felt existential uncertainties and social pressures surrounding the often stressful career search.

Episode 6:

Returning to Brown:
Producer Wen Zhuang speaks to two Brown alumni, Soyoon and Julio, who have both found their career paths unexpectedly leading them back to Brown.

Episode 7:

Recent Grads
Producer Wen Zhuang speaks to Julia Kirschenbaum about how she dealt with the often daunting and sometimes frustrating summer post-grad, and the expectations and realities of her first job.

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