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Overview of the BrownConnect Summer and Semester Projects for Research, Internships, Teaching (SPRINT) Awards


SPRINT (Summer/Semester Projects for Research, Internship, Teaching) will now serve as the umbrella application for funded experiential learning opportunities, including BrownConnect LINKs, UTRAs, and other awards.  



The goal of all these experiential learning opportunities is to enable students to:
      1. develop mentoring relationships;
      2. gain and apply new skills, and deepen existing ones;
      3. contribute to positive outcomes for you and your communities
      4. engage in career exploration.
 SPRINTs also provide financial support for students who may not be able to engage in such an opportunity without funding.  Three grants available in UFunds (under BrownConnect SPRINT Awards):



Finding SPRINT Opportunities

You can start by visiting the SPRINT Search tool, available at, to find opportunities for research and course development projects with faculty; opportunities within the Signature LINK Employer Partners Programs; and links to search for non-Brown internship opportunities that can be funded by LINK awards.* The search tool allows you to search by industry and program type as well as region. 

Additional resources…

  • Learn about Brown faculty research interests by searching the University’s Research Directory. While it is not necessary to reach out to faculty regarding the opportunities published on the SPRINT Search (you can just apply!), this website provides useful guidance for connecting with faculty if you would like to pursue a faculty collaboration in another area. 
  • At the top of the SPRINT Search tool, you will find links to “Explore Bruno Opportunities on BrownConnect.” “Bruno Opportunities” are provided by Brown alumni or parent connections and offer Brown students preference in the hiring and selection process. They are denoted by the Brown shield and float to the top of your searches in BrownConnect.



Summer Funding Structure

Base Stipend for all students

Gap Award for aided students with Parent Contribution/Responsibility of $15,001 and above

+$2,000 (total $4,000)

Gap Award for aided students with Parent Contributions/Responsibility of $15,000 and below

+$3,000 (total $5,000)
Summer Earnings Waiver Available to eligible students with University Scholarship funding once in their time at Brown


Explanation of Gap Awards


During the summer of 2020, the College launched SPRINT awards in response to the global pandemic, with a base stipend of $2,000 and supplemental Gap Awards for students with high demonstrated financial need. Based on student feedback, we have extended this model to all summer opportunities. This funding structure better aligns with the University’s goal of supporting all students with a focus on maximizing the support provided to our aided students, particularly students with the highest demonstrated financial need.


A student’s level of need is based on the calculated Parent Contribution, also referred to as Parent Responsibility, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. The Parent Responsibility can be found in the Financial Aid Eligibility statement in Banner Self-Service (for the aid year prior to the summer experience). For additional information on the calculation that is used to determine Parent, Student, and overall Family Responsibility, see the Office of Financial Aid’s website. Students are not able to appeal the Parent Responsibility in order to increase their Gap Award funding.

  • Aided students with an Parent Contribution/Responsibility of $15,000 or less (in the academic year prior to the summer experience) will receive a Summer Gap Award of $3,000 in addition to the base stipend of $2,000, for a total award amount of $5,000.
  • Aided students with an Parent Contribution/Responsibility above $15,000 (in the academic year prior to the summer experience) will receive a Gap Award of $2,000 in addition to the base stipend of $2,000 for a total award amount of $4,000.  
  • Unaided students will not be eligible for a Gap Award in addition to the $2,000 base summer stipend.


Summer Funding


There is only one deadline for summer awards - applications will not be accepted after this date.
2021 Summer Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 12:00 NOON EST

Applicants will be notified by March 31st.  Signature program applicants may be notified sooner or on a rolling basis up until March 31st.

2021 Summer Award Amount:  The base stipend for all SPRINT Awards is $2,000. In addition, students with Brown financial aid will automatically receive an additional Gap Award ranging from $2,000-$3,000 based on their Parent Contribution/Responsibility as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, for a total of $4,000 - $5,000.


Criteria for All Summer SPRINT


All Opportunities:

  • Offered during the summer and completed by September 6th, 2021
  • Supervised by a professional in the organization (e.g. a Brown faculty member or non-Brown sponsor) who agrees to guidelines. The opportunity is required to have a sponsor who will provide regular supervision and mentorship throughout the summer. The sponsor must have a permanent connection to the organization, such as a permanent employee of the organization or a board member. The sponsor cannot be another student.
  • Internship/Research site: SPRINT will adhere to Brown’s COVID-19 Travel Policies and High-Risk and Restricted Travel Policies. To receive funding, eligible students must register international travel plans in TravelSafe [Sponsoring Department: Center for Careers and Life After Brown; Purpose of Travel: Internship]. Any undergraduate proposing travel to a High-Risk Travel destination must first complete a Safety Plan via TravelSafe and obtain approval from the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC) before making travel arrangements. No undergraduate will be permitted to travel to a Restricted Travel destination.
  • Most experiences will be full-time and last a minimum of 8-10 weeks, although on occasion, more intensive internships may last as little (but no less) than 6 weeks.  Part time experiences will be considered over longer periods of time (at least 10 weeks). 

Additional LINK Criteria:

  • Research opportunities at non-Brown affiliated institutions and with a non-Brown professor/sponsor
  • A member of the applicant’s family cannot run or have a substantial management interest in the host organization nor serve as the applicant’s sponsor directly or indirectly.
  • If you’ve previously interned at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position. Funding will not be granted for an internship that you have already done.
  • Students may apply for an Internship SPRINT award if they have already secured or are in the process of securing or applying for an internship/ project with an employer.  There are still a number of internship opportunities available in BrownConnect.

Additional Faculty Collaborations - UTRA Criteria: 

  • Research and curricular collaborations with Brown faculty.
  • Students should expect to engage in the project full-time over the course of approximately 8-10 weeks during the summer. Depending on the nature of the project, this might include time spent in the laboratory, archive, or in the field.
  • Approximately 10 weeks is expected for faculty collaboration project
  • Summer UTRA projects must begin after spring Commencement. We expect both faculty and student collaborators to find a mutually agreeable period between the Tuesday following Commencement and at least one week before the beginning of the fall semester to engage fully with the project.

Criteria for Signature Programs: Each Signature program has unique criteria for opportunities. Students are encouraged to research each program to understand the expectations, benefits and other program details.





All actively enrolled undergraduates are eligible to apply for SPRINT awards as long as they will not be enrolled during the summer semester (graduating seniors and first semester students who are eligible to enroll in the summer may not apply for SPRINT awards).This includes all students regardless of citizenship and current location of study. Students may not be on a leave of absence from Brown either in the semester they are applying nor in the period when they would receive the funding.

  • You have applied for or secured an unpaid summer internship or research experience that pays $1,500 or less and will not receive additional funding from another source, including other fellowships, Brown departments, etc.
  • Priority will be given to students receiving university scholarship.
  • Please note that BrownConnect may work with Brown’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to ensure that applicants are in compliance with conduct expectations.

The following opportunities are NOT ELIGIBLE for SPRINT funding:

  • Educational programs for credit, programs with fees to participate, and pay-to- participate internship programs coordinated through third-party vendors are not eligible for SPRINT funding. For example, funding cannot cover fees to study abroad or domestically, to participate in volunteer/service oriented projects, or for cultural exchange or other similar programs.
  • Projects with an organization involved with the use, production, testing, or distribution of recreational or medical marijuana are not eligible (as the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level and Brown University receives federal funds, we must comply with federal law).  
  • Internships with political campaigns are not eligible, because Brown University is a charitable entity subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding political and campaign activities. 
  • Camp counselors and tutoring positions are not considered internship opportunities and will not be eligible for SPRINT funding.
  • Experiences or opportunities that qualify as service-based opportunities and/or qualify for work study funding during the academic year.
  • Opportunities with a Brown student club, organization, or class or experiences that are a continuation of work done with a Brown club or organization during the academic year.
  • Internships provided to students through placement organizations.
  • Organizations and programs with fundraising expectations or recommendations for their interns and employees.
  • Non-credit course or training program that does not contain any professional, experiential learning component; this includes programs where the main components include observing, shadowing, and attending lectures 
  • Summer funding cannot be used to complete an internship in a location on the High-Risk Travel list without prior approval from the International Travel Risk Assessment Committee (ITRAC). No SPRINT funding can be used for any destination on the Restricted Travel list. Students should keep in mind that this list is constantly updated and the University may revoke funding at any time if a location presents heightened travel risks. If awarded SPRINT funding, students should expect to document their travel plans and complete a travel acknowledgement as part of the online registration process in TravelSafe. See below for discussion of remote internship expectations in summer 2021.



Still have questions? 

Review the SPRINT FAQs or Attend a Workshop or Open Hours