CareerLAB FAQs Regarding COVID-19








The pandemic and its effects on people and the economy are impacting the job market in new ways each day. Some employers are pausing or terminating their hiring process. Some employers are taking longer to post and offer opportunities as they are unsure of what this summer will bring.


Below are the most common questions we've been hearing from students related to the internship and job search in the time of COVID-19. We'll continue to add resources and information to this page

Common CareerLAB Questions:

Can I still meet with a CareerLAB career counselor? 
Yes, you can schedule a video or telephone meeting with a CareerLAB counselor through Handshake by
clicking here.  Counselors will be available to talk with students for the remainder of the semester and over winter break.

Are Open Hours with Undergraduate Peer Career Advisors or Graduate Student Fellows still available?
Open hours are still available just in a different capacity. Undergraduate students are encouraged to email their questions, resumes or mock interview requests to
[email protected]. Graduate students can email [email protected] and a PCA or Graduate Student will get back to you with the support you need.

Will CareerLAB be hosting any workshops or employer information sessions?
CareerLAB will not be hosting any in-person programming in the CareerLAB space or elsewhere on campus for the foreseeable future.  However, we are holding events and programming on Zoom and other video networking tools.  Please check the
CareerLAB calendar, Handshake calendar, BrownConnect events or our social media accounts (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter) for upcoming “virtual” events. We encourage you to check back frequently as events are always being added. In addition, we are recording these events and posting them on our youtube page.

Are there any online resources available for students regarding remote internships or their careers during COVID-19?

Can someone provide feedback on my resume and/or cover letter?
Yes, email [email protected] (undergrads) and [email protected] (grad students) and an undergraduate Peer Career Advisor or Graduate Student Fellow will follow up with you to provide feedback.

Common Employment & Internship Questions:

  Are employers still hiring students for internships and full-time positions?
Yes,  employers are still recruiting. This fall we had over 100 employers attend our Virtual Career Fairs. Additionally we have seen over 70 virtual recruiting events this semester and over 5,367  jobs and 3,047 internships posted. 

CareerLAB's Employer Relations staff are talking everyday with employers who recruit at Brown and are sharing the information we're hearing through the Employer Relations newsletter. You can read the newsletter archives here and sign up to receive the newsletter here.

Reliable and verifiable information about what a wider range of employers are doing is difficult to come by. The tech employment website Candor has put together a crowd-sourced, continuously-updated list of which companies are currently hiring, freezing their recruitment, or laying off staff. At this time we can't verify the accuracy of all the information on the Candor spreadsheet, but it's consistent enough with what we're hearing from the employers who recruit at Brown that we think it's worth sharing.

Most employers have moved onto an interviewing platform that limits initial contact -- phone or video conferencing is most popular.  Things are changing day by day; right now no one is traveling. If in the future interviewing requires you to travel and you don’t feel comfortable doing so, please discuss your concerns with the HR representative and they should help find alternatives.  Most organizations are in similar boats regarding travel restrictions so be patient as protocols develop.  You may see an upsurge in interviewing when there is more certainty with containment and we see a shift in reported cases. (Remember, handshakes are a formality many organizations are foregoing to limit the transfer of germs, so don’t be concerned if no one greets you with a handshake.) 

What steps should I take during the interview process and after accepting an offer to determine changes due to the pandemic?
If the employer does not share information about how the position will be impacted by the pandemic, it is important to ask questions to learn more. For example, ask if employees are working remotely and ask if there is a date when employees may return to the office. Ask how on-boarding and training will be implemented if your position is remote.
If you need to discuss your specific situation, please make an appointment with a career counselor.

How do I  navigate an offer where I am being asked to start remotely with the expectation that I will be in person down the road?
It is important to be flexible as employers deal with a constantly changing situation. Ask how the employer will determine when employees will return to the office. Ask about on-boarding and training for new, remote employees. If you need to discuss your specific situation, please make an appointment with a career counselor.

What do I do if my internship or job is canceled?
Please schedule a video or telephone meeting with a CareerLAB counselor through Handshake by clicking here.
We can help you draft communications to your employer and work on a new plan going forward.

Does a Work From Home remote internship this summer count as much as an on-site one?
Yes, future employers will focus primarily on what you achieved/learned rather than where it was located - especially this summer.  Talk this through with a Career Counselor for additional guidance on this topic.

What if I don’t get an internship this summer?
It’s OK!  What you do or don’t do this summer does not affect the rest of your professional career.

I need to make money this summer. If I just take a paying job rather than an internship in a field that interests me, will that hurt my chances for future jobs or internships?
No, what you do this summer does not affect the rest of your professional career.

Summer Awards/Programs Questions:

Brown will be offering summer awards and funded research and internship opportunities.  More details about these programs will be released in December