CCG Alumni Events and Workshops

The CCG program hosts BrownConnect Community Hours, Alumni Video and Podcast Conversations, and CareerCon events and throughtout the year. These gatherings typically feature 1-5 alumni and others who have held jobs and internships in non-profits, government agencies, social enterprises, and more. It's a chance for students to ask alumni about their work and the different pathways Brown students can take into careers in the common good. Below you can find archives and information from past programs:

Talk It Out Podcast
It can be scary to express your worries and fears or ask your questions about the internship, job, and career search. We asked alumni to reflect back on the experience of hunting for jobs and talk about the fears and pressures they felt.


2018 - 2020 BrownConnect Alumni Video Conversation
Elena Saltzman, '16, Blue Leadership Collaborative Fellow with DigiDem on how to look for work on a presedential campaign in 2020. -- Click here to watch the video.
• Abbie Galloway '16, from Blue Engine. -- Click here to watch the video.
• Theo Peck-Suzuki, '14, Rural Action Ohio. -- Click here to watch the video.
• Noah Elbot, '14 and Julia Fisher, '17, Associate Consultants at Dalberg Advisors. -- Click here to watch the video.
• Hannah Levintove, '09, Reporter at Mother Jones. -- Click here to watch the video.
• Manuel Contreras, '16, Legislative Aide in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee for Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.). -- Click here watch the video.