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Talk It Out

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You can read the transcript for the first episode of Talk It Out below, and read profiles of several of the alumni interviewed for the podcast below.

Transcript (Spring 2019, Episode 1)

Eve Grassfield: Can you recall a moment at Brown where you felt confused about your life path?

Flo Schalliol: Most seconds I was awake. 

Eve Grassfield: Did it feel like everyone else knew what they were doing?

Flo Schalliol: They certainly had a better idea than I did.

Narration: We know the internship, job, and career search at Brown can be daunting. And sometimes it can be scary to express your worries or ask your questions out loud. So we asked alumni Flo Schalliol, Kimberley Charles, Andrew Kaplan, Grace Miller, Lucinda Flowers, Ari Rubenstein, and Rachel Black to reflect back on the experience of hunting for jobs and talk about the fears and pressures they felt. What follows are a few thoughts from several hours of interviews with these alum. If what you hear sounds familiar, stay tuned at the end of this podcast to find out how to share some of your own questions and worries and find out how the CareerLAB can help.

Flo Schalliol: I was freaking out a little bit because I truly had no idea what it was that I wanted to get into. 

Kimberley Charles: I remember when I graduated I felt like um I felt such an amount of  relief when I was given that degree and I just remember feeling so much better. I think it is perfectly normal to be extremely overwhelmed at Brown. 

Andrew Kaplan: It sort of culminated in my Senior year when I was basically trying to do too much at once. I was trying to take a bunch of different classes, run the organization that I had co-founded, take the LSAT, do some applications to other jobs at the beginning of my senior year and I basically just like failed at all of them.

Andrew Kaplan: Oh I’m gonna be doing an internship with like insert prestigious company here. 

Grace Miller: To be clear I did apply for jobs at Planned Parenthood at least five times and finally it pulled through [laughs]. 

Lucinda Flowers: It’s important to realize when everything at that point it kind of looks to you like its some make or break it looks like it’s gonna change the rest of my life step and it might, but then it probably won’t. 

Grace Miller: When I saw how much I respected my friends and respected the work they did and admired the work they did and saw how hard it was for them to get jobs too like that was so helpful to feel like we’re all in this together it’s difficult to do like It’s okay to not get a job right out of college like we all grow at our own pace and the job market is wild and life is chaos. 

Flo Schalliol: It was around 11pm when I made my way to the rock and I sat down and was like oh my god I still have all of my homework to do this finding a job thing is like a day job like in and of itself. 

Ari Rubenstein: It’s okay to not have a clear vision of what your career is going to look like in five or ten or twenty years because even if you do have one it is probably going to change and that’s a good thing because if you’re really in it to change the world over the long term what the world needs is going to continue to change and adapt. I wish I had been able to calm down a little bit.

Grace Miller: I had to learn when I was going through that to let some things go and be kinder to myself right I am doing what I need to do to take care of myself and I will continue to pursue the opportunities that I want to pursue that I trust I will ultimately be able to find and if I can’t find them then I will make those opportunities. 

Flo Schalliol: I really felt like there wasn’t kind of a overall culture of like we’re figuring this out together. 

Narration: Do the thoughts and feelings these alumni share feel familiar to you?

Narration: This is "Talk It Out", a CareerLAB Careers in the Common Good Podcast coming this Spring, that seeks to demystify the internship, job, and career search and make it OK (or, at least less scary) to ask the questions that are worrying you most and to get answers from CareerLAB staff and alumni who share many of your same fears and worries when they were at Brown.

Narration: Click here to send us your questions, thoughts and fears and to learn a bit more about the Brown alumni you heard on today’s promo. This isn’t the last time you’ll hear from them!

Alumni Profiles

Rachel Black graduated from Brown in 2016 with a B.A. in Public Policy & American Institutions. At Brown, she focused on program evaluation and the American criminal justice system, taught civics classes in Providence Public Schools through the nonprofit Generation Citizen and worked as a Writing Fellow. Rachel is now an Associate at Education Resource Strategies, a nonprofit consulting firm that partners with district, school and state leaders to transform how school systems use resources (people, time & money) to meet students’ needs and close achievement gaps. She has worked on consulting projects in El Paso, TX, Hartford, CT and the state of Louisiana, and she currently serves on an internal team that uses ERS’ comparative database to answer research questions and create new planning tools for consultants and external partners. While on campus, Rachel was most likely to be found off campus rather than on. 

Joan Grace Miller graduated from Brown in 2015 with a concentration in sociology  She is an eighth-generation Texan and moved back to her home state as soon as she could. She is passionate about anti-sexual violence work, particularly online, leading her to co-found Uplift- Online Communities Against Sexual Violence. She has been working in the sex education field for five years. She is currently a Community Health Educator at Planned Parenthood. While on campus, Grace was most likely to be found at the Grad Center Bar. 



Florian Schalliol is a Senior Consultant and Case Team Leader at FSG, a strategy consulting, evaluation, and research firm that works with leading foundations, nonprofits, and companies to create social change. Florian recently worked with a leading extractives company to redefine their approach to community engagement and led an engagement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create subsidized markets for evidence-based practices in higher education. Florian has also designed and led a firm-wide training on diversity, equity, and inclusion, for FSG’s consulting staff and has co-authored case studies on personalized learning and on charter school authorization. Before FSG, Florian worked as the Fellowship Program Manager at and worked in development for the Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, India. Florian graduated from Brown University in 2013.5. While on campus, Florian was most likely to be found slacklining on the main green. 

Andrew Kaplan is a Policy Analyst in the New York City Mayor's Office where he works on public housing, affordable housing, and homelessness policy.  He holds a MPhil in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar and co-directed the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab.  After graduating from Brown University in 2015, Andrew served as an Urban Fellow in the NYC Mayor's Office of Operations. He is originally from New York City. While on campus, Andrew was most likely to be found on the main green. 


Ari Rubenstein graduated from Brown University in 2011 with a degree in Hispanic Studies, Lanuage and Linguistics. After school, he he organized with Environment Connecticut and with Green Corps—the Field School for Environmental Organizing. Ari is now the Deputy Communications Director at Corporate Accountability. In this role, he helps direct the organization's strategic communications for a wide variety of audiences, bringing a particular focus to crafting messages and telling stories that embolden people to tap into their own power as agents of change. He also conducts workshops and trainings for staff, activists, and supporters; works with campaign organizers to develop strategic plans; and coordinates special organizational projects. While on campus, Ari was most likely to be found in former Wilson Hall at emPOWER meetings. 

Kimberley Charles Profile coming soon.






Photo Coming Soon. Lucinda Flowers graduated from Brown Universiy in 1977 concentrating in Political Science. Her career has focused on building communities, as a communicator, policy and advocacy professional, urban planner and grant writer. She worked in Providence for a number of years after graduation, first as press aide for former Mayor Buddy Cianci, and eventually as public information officer for Rhode Island Housing as it was rebuilding after an investigation.SheI then took a year to attend Harvard's Kennedy School, where I received a Mid-Career MPA . After spending the next decade in Washington, D.C., working mainly as a communications/writing consultant in housing and community development,  she returned to her hometown of New Orleans in 2003 - two years before Katrina struck. Since then she has worked with a number of non-profits focused on community building, and also as a NO City Planning Commission Senior City Planner focused on housing. While on campus, Lucinda was most likely to be found at Chamber Choir practice.