First Jobs in Non-Profit and Government Work

From 2012 to 2021, about one-third of Brown graduating seniors who sought employment chose first jobs in the non-profit and government sectors.

Student Employment After Graduation, 2012-2021Student Employment After Graduation, 2012-2021












If you want details on where graduating seniors work, you can download the First Non-Profit and Government Destinations for the Classes of 2012-2021 Excel report. In this spreadsheet, which is organized by year, you can sort by employer, job title, location, industry, sector, and, when available, concentration. You will also find some data on when students finalized their post-graduation employment plans. You can use this data to generate ideas for industries, employers, and jobs you might want to pursue, with the knowledge that Brown students have followed similar paths in the past. 

You can also view or download our Report on First Non-Profit and Gov Jobs for the Classes of 2012-2021.pdfFirst Non-Profit and Gov Jobs for the Classes of 2012-2021.pdfFirst Non-profit and Government Jobs for the Classes of 2012 - 2021.  





Key takeways from the report include:

• Since most non-profit and government employers don't have the resources to recruit on college campus, most Brown students find first jobs in government and non-profit work at organizations that don't recruit at Brown. A majority works for employers that hire 3 or fewer students each year, and employers that do hire 3 or more students each year tend to be large non-profits, medical facilitaties, and government entities like Brown University, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the U.S Department of Justice  

• Most students who find first jobs in non-profit or government are hired in the spring of their senior year. In recent years, more and more students are finding and accepting positions in the summer or fall months after graduation

Job Acceptance Timing, 2014 - 2021Job Acceptance Timing, 2014 - 2021









First Destinations for the Classes of 2015-2019First Destinations for the Classes of 2015-2019


For more information, the CareerLAB posts annual reports of first destinations for graduating seniors here. You can also view first destinations by concentration for the classes of 2012-21 here.