Meet with a Counselor

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Career Counselors

Now offering open hours! Monday through Thursday: 12-1pm. Virtually or in-person!

CareerLAB's Career Counselors are available Monday thru Thursday from 12-1pm in person or virtually for quick questions.

Questions can range from negotiating an offer, careers and concentrations, asking for a recommendation, and much more! 

Career Counselors DO NOT provide resume critiques - our Peer Career Advisors will continue to provide that service in addition to providing an overview of CareerLAB's resources and helping you start any kind of job search.

If you want to attend virtually -
If you wish to attend in person: Head to the third floor of the CareerLAB and wait in the lobby.

Why should I make an appointment with a career counselor?

*You do not need to come in with questions!  Career Counselors can drive the conversation if you are unsure of where or how to start.  Counselors are here for you throughout your time at Brown as you explore and discover potential pathways.

How long does it last? 30 minutes
How do I get started? Schedule an Appointment here.

Peer Career Advisors

For quick questions, utilizing CareerLAB resources, starting your job internship search and editing/drafting resumes and cover letters, meet with a PCA during Peer Advisor Open Hours at CareerLAB. During normal times we have open hours, for help now email [email protected]