Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan
Associate Director, Recruiting

Emily's primary responsibility is to manage and cultivate relationships with employers and recruiters who want to bring great opportunities to Brown University students. She is also responsible for the planning and execution of the Career Fairs and consortiums.



Get to know Emily...

First Job Out of College: Worked in England with Sandy Pfluger, an American Equestrian
Most interesting Job:  I schleped popcorn at an artsy indy movie theatre
Dirtiest Job: 
Camp Counselor - Riding Instructor
Fun/Unexpected Fact: I've written 2 cookbooks
Favorite App: Overdrive
Right Now I am reading: The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson
Ask me about: really, anything....
Right now I am listening to: books...
Favorite place: Maine
Can’t live without: My family
Keep me away from: TikTok
Secret skill: Rhyming words
How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
in my 30s (i'm a late adopter to most things)
Did you have a pager?
no but I did have, and loved, my blackberry.
Have you ever used a typewriter?
ya, of course....
Favorite Super hero: The Tick (good for both superhero and cartoon)
Would you rather go a day without internet or without food? OMG, I'd go a lifetime without the internet. If I weren't so Waze dependent....