Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Internship and Funding Questions

What is BrownConnect?

BrownConnect is the newest addition to CareerLAB’s suite of services. BrownConnect serves first years, sophomores and juniors who are seeking high-quality internships and research opportunities. BrownConnect provides “one stop shopping” for internship and research opportunities in a wide range of fields and geographical locations, as well as financial support to students in low-paid or unpaid internships. Students can search BrownConnect for internships, research opportunities, alumni, and funding offered through and for the Brown community.

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How do students schedule appointments with Career Counselors?

They can schedule an appointment online through Brown Handshake. All appointments are held at our office at 167 Angell St. Students should arrive a few minutes prior to their appointment and check in on the first floor.

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What is covered in an appointment with a Career Counselor?

Students can meet with career counselors on any topic requiring in-depth discussion. Frequent topics include learning about career opportunities, exploring connections between concentrations and careers, searching for internships and jobs, practice interviewing, and offer negotiations.  Some students are feeling unfocused or uncertain about career options.  Career Counselors are available to talk even if the student doesn't have a specific question. Appointments are thirty minutes long, and students can schedule follow-up times as needed. 

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What if a student simply wants to start a résumé, cover letter, or a LinkedIn profile?  What is covered during Peer Advisor Open Hours?

Students can drop in during our regular Peer Advisor Open Hours to ask questions about résumés, cover letters, and professional profiles using social media. Specially trained Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) hold open hours everyday, 1:30-3:30pm, to provide students with information about CareerLAB resources, programs, and services. PCA open hours are the place to start for resume and cover letter critiques; to get answers about how to search for a job or internship; how to use Brown Handshake and BrownConnect; and about internship funding offered by the LINK program.

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Should first-year students wait until their sophomore year to use CareerLAB?

It is never too early to build a relationship with a CareerLAB counselor. We encourage first-year students to visit CareerLAB as soon as October of their first semester. We have found that juniors and seniors experience more success if they work with us throughout their four years at Brown.

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What is Project2019 and who is it for?

Partnering with CareerLAB and familiarizing yourself with our resources, programs and counseling early in your time at Brown is a great way to lower the stress level and increase your chances of success as you explore different concentrations, internships, jobs, and career paths. Project 2019 is a yearlong series of programs, workshops, and events specifically tailored to help the Class of 2019 get connected to CareerLAB’s staff and resources.

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Does CareerLAB have tipsheets on résumés, cover letters, interviewing, and appropriate use of social media?

Tipsheets on these and other topics are housed on our Databases and Resources page. We encourage you to read tip sheets related to your questions before coming to open hours or appointments with an advisor.

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Does CareerLAB offer practice interviews for jobs and internships?

Students can schedule an appointment with an advisor through Brown Handshake. You can also log into Brown Handshake and click on "Appointments" in the left hand navigation bar.

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How does on-campus recruitment work?

Brown University is fortunate to have a wide array of employers seeking to hire interns and recent graduates.  Fall campus interviews take place at CareerLAB late September through early December.  Recruitment activity begins with full-time recruitment in early fall followed by internship recruitment beginning in late October. Spring recruitment interviews for both full-time and internships take place early February through the end of April.  Visit How To Navigate On-Campus Recruitment for complete details and timelines.

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How can students find alumni that are in their field of interest?

CareerLAB brings alumi back year round through CareerCon panels and small group discussions and other events, like Careers in Common Good Community Hours. Many alumni also recruit at Brown’s on-campus career fairs. More than 100 alumni return to campus each year to share their experiences through these and other events.

BrownConnect and LinkedIn’s alumni page are two great resources for students looking to set up informational interviews to explore different internships, jobs and career paths. Students can get help and advice on how to reach out to alumni by talking to a peer career advisor at walk in hours on the first floor of CareerLAB from 1:30 to 3:30pm each weekday or by scheduling an appointment with a career counselor.

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Does CareerLAB partner with departments to accomodate programming?

Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) can coordinate programs with the DUGs around general job search resources and internship searching and funding. Contact [email protected] to get started.

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Does CareerLAB provide a dossier service for storing letters of recommendation for fellowships or graduate schools?

CareerLAB partners with Interfolio to support dossier needs of Brown students and alums. Interfolio provides easy, safe, reliable service, and is available 24/7. The service is affordable, flexible, and supports the Brown is Green initiative by reducing the need for paper document storage.

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What about students whose career interests lie outside of some of the more common career fields, such as medicine, banking, consulting or law. Can CareerLAB help these students?

CareerLAB offers advising across a wide range of career fields, including public interest work, education, non-profits, government, communications, entertainment, STEM, and media. We also provide opportunities throughout the year for students to connect with alumni in numerous fields. Students who are confused or uncertain about their career options can develop an individualized plan in consultation with any of our Career Counselors.

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What is CareerCon (formerly known as January Career Laboratory/JanLab)?

CareerCon is a series of events hosted by the CareerLAB that the bring alumni back to campus to share their experiences in the world of work with students. Each CareerCon event consists of a panel discussion and the opportunity to chat individually and/or in small groups with these alums.  The schedule for the 2015-2016 academic year is:

Thursday, October 8: CareerCon: Media & Journalism
Thursday, October 22: CareerCon: Education
Saturday, January 30, 2016: 

  • Design & User Experience 
  •  Public Health 
  • Jobs on the Hill 
  • PR/Advertising/Marketing 
  • Big Data/Data Science 
  • Fashion
  • Sustainability/Food Justice 
  • Jobs in Finance (not banking)

Spring 2016 topics & dates TBA.


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Does CareerLAB see grad students?

​CareerLAB supports Brown graduate students - both masters and doctoral candidates - along every step of their graduate school careers, complementing the essential advice received from faculty advisors. CareerLAB resources include individual advising sessions; grad student drop-in hours; resume/CV/cover letter development; interview preparation; and programs tailored to career exploration and the job search. Graduate students can make appointments through Brown Handshake or by emailing [email protected].

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How does CareerLAB communicate with students?

CareerLAB reaches students through a variety of channels.  We send out three email communications which includes:

  1. Weekly newsletters: distributed to all undergraduate students and are differentiated by class year, providing relevant programs, announcements, and internship and job opportunities specific to that particular class level.
  2.  Employer events: weekly blast sent to student groups that promotes employer events and featured opportunities that are relevant to those particular DUGs.
  3. BrownConnect featured opportunities: sent to student groups highlighting internship opportunities in relevant fields that have a strong Brown connection.

CareerLAB is also active on:

  • Facebook (where we primarily share student stories and industry news/skills),
  • Twitter (where we promote featured opportunities in and outside of Brown Handshake and BrownConnect),
  • Instagram (where we highlight the faces and events of CareerLAB), and
  • YouTube (where we host numerous alumni spotlights, event highlights, live programs, and internship/job search “how to” videos).

We encourage all students, faculty, and departments to follow and engage with us on social media!


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Where can I find information about what students do after Brown?

Each year the CareerLAB surveys the graduation class to gain insight about their first destinations post-Brown. This information is available by concentration on our Post-Graduate Outcome Data pages.


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Can students receive credit for a summer internship?

In order to receive credit for an internship, students need to develop an independent study related to the internship under the direction of a faculty member. Independent study is not allowed during the summer term at Brown, so the employer must be willing to accept fall term credit. CareerLAB can write a letter that explains Brown's policy but does not confirm that the student will receive credit. To obtain this letter or to ask questions, contact [email protected].

Students do have the option of proposing an academic internship during the fall or spring term. Academic internship proposals must be submitted to the College Curriculum Council the semester before the proposed internship experience. Visit the Curricular Resource Center on the second floor of the Stephen Roberts Campus Center for more information.

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What internship resources and programs exist at Brown?

BrownConnect is a new university-wide initiative aimed at providing Brown students with more summer internship opportunities, and more funding to ensure that all students can complete internships regardless of financial circumstance.

Other internship programs include CCG in NYC, iProv, and the Ittleson Foundation Summer Internship. Our Internships Programs page has more information about these opportunities.

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Does CareerLAB offer internship funding?

CareerLAB's LINK program offers stipends to students who have secured unpaid or low-paying summer internships. Funding is not guaranteed;  Students should review all of the information on our website related to internship funding to determine if LINK or another source is their best option. Information about the Messing Fellowship and external sources of funding is published on our Internships Funding page.

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How can students share their internship experiences with other Brown students?

CareerLAB sponsors a Peer-to-Peer Summer Opportunities Fair that helps students seeking internships to learn from their peers who have already interned in a number of fields. Experienced students can talk to their peers about internship experiences in the US and abroad, housing resources, and options for funding. Check out the 2014 program here.

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What resources are available for finding internships?

Many options exist. Here are a few Brown specific resources to get you started:

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Are there additional internship funding resources at Brown?

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