Job Exploration and Search Resources

Take time to learn more about your career field, the organizations, and potential positions. It is important to understand opportunities in terms of the various segments of the field, and how they overlap and how they vary. If you want to work directly with people for example, data analysis or policy development would not be a good fit.

Research requires action! It can mean looking on the internet, attending CareerLAB and department programs, talking to people using various networks, job shadowing or job shadowing. Be resourceful in how you find information. 

Here are some strategies for researching organizations and jobs.

Brown Student Job and Internship Board

This online search and application system allows you to explore careers and to access career workshops, programs, and recruiting events. Register with Brown Student Job and Internship Board today! CareerLAB job postings are found on this board. You can filter by masters student.

Online resources

  • Vault
    A database for jobs, careers, top employers and education programs, job search guides and advice, salary info, job listings, employee message boards and surveys
  • Going Global 
    The leading online provider of country-specific employment and career information containing country career guides, corporate profiles, and more than 100,000 international internship and job openings.
  • More than Money
    Tutorials for exploring jobs and internships in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business, and Social Enterprise.

Connect with Alumni

Ask experienced alums for insight and advice. They are great resource for information about  career paths and options, and provide an insider's view of their industry. 

  • BRUnet
    Brown’s career network for alumni and students. Register to access more than 5,400 alumni members who share their professional experiences and expertise through informational interviews.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a most valuable tool for finding alums and other industry experts to speak with. (Tip: Use the Alumni Search Tool. ) Many departments have LinkedIn groups. Be sure to join and use Brown Graduate School Alumni and Student is Humanities and Social Science, or Brown Graduate School Alumni in Life and Physical Sciences.


Faculty are a great resource. Some have worked for other organizations or collaborate with colleagues around the country.  Approach guest speakers from your classes, or go to lectures of interest. Almost everyone is willing to talk about their careers.

Check the CareerLAB-specific University Calendar to learn about employer information sessions and career field presentations, including alumni talks.

Search organization websites, and other sites

Search the company website and Google for recent news about the organization. Professional organizations often have career and job sections.