Careers Beyond Academia


The most important career development move you can make during your graduate training is to stay actively open to the range of career possibilities and prospects open to you. Allow yourself to explore career development opportunities based on your broader skills, interests and values. 

At CareerLAB, we work closely with both students who know from early on in their graduate work that they do not plan to remain in academia or their discipline; and students who decide to leave academia do so later in their careers. Regardless of when or how you come to consider a career transition, we are here to help. Just email [email protected] or schedule an appointment with Zhichun Lin, Ph.D., the Assistant Director of Career Counseling for Graduate Student.

The Explore Career Fields page on the CareerLAB main site features curated lists of top companies, trade organizations, and select job postings grouped by career family. These resources are a good place to start, but you should also do some digging on your own  –– start by finding job postings and researching leading companies. One of the best ways to go get vital information while building your professional network is to request informational interviews with Brown alumni. 

Check out Brown Career Programs for Ph.D. Students at CareerLAB Youtube Channel that features Brown Ph.D. Alumni who are currently working in different sectors sharing their career transition experience and providing tips of career exploration and preparation. The channel also includes the employers' info sessions of their insights on hiring Ph.D. applicants. 


VersatilePhD’s mission  is to help graduate students, ABDs, and Phds identify, prepare for and excel in professional careers. It currently serves many of the leading North American research universities, including PhD students, post-docs and alumni, by providing unique and instructive content, networks, job analytics and readiness tools. (please click here to access the website and register for the first time)


A free career exploration and planning tool for doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars in Humanities and Social Sciences. It is designed to allow users to: Assess their career-related skills, interests, and values; Explore career paths appropriate to their discipline; Create self-defined goals; Map out next steps for career and professional development success.



myIDP provides: a). Exercies to help you examine your skills, interests, and values; b). A list of 20 scientific career paths with a prediction of which ones best fit your skills and interests; c). A tool for setting strategic goals for the coming year, d). Articles and resources to guide you thought the process. 

InterSect Job Simulations

InterSect is an online platform that allows Ph.D.-level scientists and humanists, regardless of professional stage, to explore future career options. Its goal is to provide true-to-life job simuation exercises that help individuals consider the following questions: What are my professional interests and skills? How do my interests and skills translate to potential careers? What are my career options? Which careers haven't I considered?