CareerCon (formerly JanLab or January Career Laboratory) is a series of casual and informative programs through which students explore options for life after Brown by learning from and networking with alumni. 

2017/2018 Academic Year

October 16, 2017: CollegeCon: Project 2021: Design your Brown Experience 

February 10, 2018: LGBTQ+ CareerCON - OUT at Work: Staying true to self in the workplace
Event Schedule & Speaker Bios

February 21, 2018: Careers in Policy, Politics, and Development - A CareerCON event
Event Schedule & Speaker Bios

March 3, 2018: FLi*CON - What Next? Negotiating Passions, Finances, and Familial Responsibilities
Event Schedule & Speaker Bios

March 11, 2018: ISE*CON - Career Conference for International Students
Event Schedule & Speaker Bios

2016/2017 Academic Year

October 6, 2016: CareerCon: Project 2020 Design your Brown Experience Event Schedule  Speaker Bios

October 20, 2016: CareerCon: Nonprofit Gameplan

February 28, 2017: CareerCon - Business Careers in the Healthcare Industry

February 25, 2017: CareerCon Media/Communications 

March 4, 2017:  First-Generation & Low-Income CareerCon

April 3, 2017: LGBTQ+ CareerCon


CareerCon 2016 Panels:

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You can view panel information for JanLab 2015, including bios for each of the speakers:

Watch the Panels from #JanLab2015