BrownConnect LINK Award Program– Linking Internships and Knowledge

Need funding for your unpaid or low-paying summer internship? The BrownConnect LINK program can help!


LINK/SEW Awards 

2019 1st Round Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2019  by 12 pm (noon) EST
*Students with internships outside of the United States should apply in the first round. This deadline is also open to domestic internships.
Student Notification: Monday, April 1st

2019 2nd Round Deadline: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by 12 pm (noon) EST
*Open to domestic internships. Applications for an international internship may be considered in this round, please contact BrownConnect with any questions.
Student Notification: Friday, May 3rd

LINK is not your only summer funding option through BrownConnect - find information about our BrownConnect funded Signature Programs here

Questions about applying to LINK? Check out the LINK Tip Sheet  and FAQ  as well as attend a LINK Information Session to ask questions about how to apply, application components, and internship/student eligibility.

The following info sessions will be held throughout the academic year. (Dates to be announced soon):

  • How to Find and Fund an Internship (featuring information on the BrownConnect LINK/SEW Awards)
  • BrownConnect LINK/SEW Information Sessions
  • Maximizing Your Internship Information Sessions

LINK Open Hours: If you are unable to make the information sessions, a limited number of Walk-In Hours will be available prior to the application due date.  Open hours are on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3:30pm, starting February 20, 2019.


Each year, Brown awards financial assistance to students pursuing unpaid or low-paying summer internships. These awards allow students to explore career options and engage in experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. Students must apply for or secure an internship that is unpaid or that pays $1,000 or less before applying for funds.  

The Brown LINK Award Program is funded by Brown alums and parents, the Office of Financial Aid, as well as other Brown departments, and is administered by BrownConnect in the Center for Careers and Life After Brown.

The stipend for a domestic internship is $3500, and is $5000 for an internship abroad.

Students on financial aid with a summer earnings expectation are eligible to receive one Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW award), referred to as a LINK/SEW bundle, during their time as an undergraduate at Brown. Students with internship opportunities eligible for a LINK award are automatically considered for the Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW), and do not need to do anything to apply for a SEW. If selected for a LINK award, the SEW will be automatically posted on a student’s financial aid package at the beginning of the fall and spring terms immediately following their summer internship. SEWs apply to a student's financial aid package in the fall and spring semesters following their internship; therefore, students need to be eligible for Financial Aid from Brown in the fall and spring to receive the SEW. SEWs are not transferrable to any academic year, and are only for the one immediately following their LINK funded internship. If students take a leave of absence in the academic year following their LINK funded internship, their SEW will likely be impacted.

Students can only receive a SEW once during their time at Brown, either with their LINK or UTRA award (if a student receives both a LINK and UTRA during their time at Brown, the SEW will accompany the award the student receives first).


Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, who are returning to Brown in September 2019, are eligible to apply. Students studying abroad Spring 2019 are eligible to apply, but must maintain an active, registered status at Brown. Graduating seniors (May '19) are not eligible. International students are eligible to apply, but may be subjected to tax withdrawals if their nation of citizenship does not have treaty benefits with the US—please see the Brown payroll office with questions about this.

Students are not eligible to receive more than one BrownConnect LINK award during their time at Brown -- this includes participation in LINK funded Signature Programs (iProv, CCG in NYC or DC, LA Media, BEO Hong Kong, Entrepreneurship in Israel or Sweden, Brown in DC, Brown in Tulsa). Students on financial aid with a summer earnings expectation are eligible to receive one BrownConnect LINK award and one SEW award, referred to as a LINK/SEW bundle, during their time as an undergraduate at Brown. 

United States citizenship is not a determinant of eligibility to apply for funding from BrownConnect.

You can apply if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You are an active Brown undergraduate rising sophomore, junior, or senior (preference given to rising seniors).
  • Students are expected to be in good academic standing with the University. If your status is otherwise, please contact the BrownConnect office.
  • You have applied for or secured an unpaid summer internship or one that pays $1,000 or less.
  • You are not currently on leave from Brown, and have an active, registered status.
  • You are returning to study at Brown in the fall term following the proposed internships (Students studying abroad Fall 2019 are eligible to apply, but must maintain an active, registered status at Brown).
  • You have not already received a LINK award or participated in a BrownConnect fuded Signature Program. 
  • You have not received other funding for the proposed internship (except payment of $1000 or less). You may not receive more than one source of funding from a Brown University department or entity for the proposed internship or for more than one full-time endeavor for the summer.
  • Please note that BrownConnect may conduct an inquiry into the non-academic probation status of students who apply for an award to determine university standing status.


  • Unpaid or low-paying internship ($1,000 or less including stipend and/or housing, transportation, etc)
  • Research opportunities at another university with a non-Brown professor
  • Domestic or abroad; if abroad, we will adhere to the Office of International Programs’ travel prohibition list (Brown may, at its discretion, prohibit LINK/SEW funding at any site where the severity of the US State Department Travel Warning is particularly acute. Brown’s approval and support of the funded opportunity is not granted unless the student has registered their internship with TravelSafe (Sponsoring Department: Center for Careers and Life After Brown; Purpose of Travel: Internship and LINK Awards).
  • Minimum of 240 hours of supervised work (equivalent of 6 weeks/40 hours/week)
  • Offered during the summer and completed by September 6th, 2018
  • Supervised by a professional in the organization who agrees to guidelines


  • Projects that fulfill the criteria of the Brown University UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards) Program. LINK funding may not be used for research conducted on campus with a Brown professor, faculty, or staff member - please see UTRA Awards for this type of experience
  • Internship at a Brown University department or office, or where a Brown faculty or staff member is the supervisor
  • A Brown University sponsored, funded, or affiliated research opportunity or internship, or an opportunity in a program that is supported by Brown University
  • Pre-thesis research at Brown or elsewhere without significant experiential learning component
  • Programs with fees to participate (funding cannot cover fees to study abroad or domestically, to participate in volunteer/service oriented projects, or for cultural exchange or other similar programs)
  • Tuition-based summer programs including those with an internship component
  • Internships provided to students through placement organizations
  • Organizations and programs with funding expectations for their interns and employees
  • Internship or project receiving Brown course credit (e.g. teaching requirement for teacher certification/education concentration; summer school course)
  • Non-credit course or training program that does not contain any professional, experiential learning component; this includes programs where the main components include observing, shadowing, and attending lectures 
  • Students may not accept a BrownConnect LINK award if they have received funding from Swearer Center, Watson Institute, UTRA, or another department on campus, etc. for the same internship experience, or for another full-time summer experience
  • LINK funding cannot be used to complete an internship in a location on the OIP Travel Prohibition List


Each year, LINK funding is awarded to students pursuing internships outside of the US.  Students with international internship opportunities must apply in the first round of funding.  The first deadline is Friday, March 8, 2019. International internships may be considered for funding in the second round; please contact the BrownConnect office if you have secured an international internship after the first deadline. 

LINK funding cannot be used to complete an internship in a location on the OIP Travel Prohibition List.  Students should keep in mind that this list is constantly updated and the University may revoke funding at any time if a location is deemed unsafe. If awarded LINK funding, students should expect to fill out additional forms and waivers to document their travel plans, including registering with the University’s TravelSafe program.

As with domestic internships, students interning abroad who receive LINK funding are solely responsible to arrange their own housing, travel, insurance, and any other paperwork that their employer may require.  Working abroad, including internships, may require a special type of visa, or a residency permit or work permit. Because these laws and processes vary from country to country, we recommend that students do their research and begin the process early to ensure they are prepared for an international internship experience.


The internship must address specific learning goals that relate to enhancing academic skills developed at Brown and furthering career exploration such as:

  • Exploring career options and understanding possible career pathways
  • Developing knowledge specific to a career or work setting
  • Expanding work specific skills relating to communication, teamwork, time management, interpersonal skills, goal setting, etc.
  • Understanding cross-cultural, social awareness and the ability to work in diverse environments
  • Applying academic skills and growing intellectually

The organization must provide a description outlining the following:

  • How the internship will advance the core mission of the organization
  • The potential impact of the intern’s work
  • Extent of the organization’s engagement, supervision and support of the intern


The program includes two types of awards—open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

1. Brown LINK Awards provides funding for career exploration in a wide variety of fields.  Students are eligible to apply regardless of financial status.  LINK awards are made possible from generous donations by Brown alums, parents and anonymous donors including:

The Barrett Hazeltine Award and Fisher Family Endowed Award provide funding for internships in any career field.

Peter G. and Paul G. Hanoian Memorial Award Assists students in labor relations, social justice and work in organizations that strive to impact the lives of working people.

Careers in the Common Good Award Funding provided anonymously to support students in socially responsible internships that connect personal values and professional problem solving in the non-profit, private and government sectors.

Robert Krauskopf Award Assists students in journalism focusing on community affairs and social issues.

Richard Lee Internship Fund Assists students interested in career fields relating to film, video or the entertainment industry.

Timory Hyde Class of 1997 Memorabubble Award Assists students on financial aid in the career fields of creative arts and music.

The Phoebe W. Haas Endowed Internship Fund Assists students interested in The Penn Program for Public Service Internship Program. As part of a collaboration with the Swearer Center for Public Service, the 12-week program is an exciting opportunity to engage directly in an academic seminar and work related to urban social issues in the West Philadelphia-Penn community.  Visit the Swearer Center for Public Service website for more information and to apply.  (Students are not required to submit a UFUNDS application to be considered for funding.)

Brown-Marine Biological Laboratory Partnership Award Funding provided by Charles and Phyllis Rosenthal to support internships in the laboratories of faculty members at the Marine Biological Laboratory or Brown University who conduct research within the Brown-MBL Partnership. These laboratories cut across a wide range of fields, including cell biology, microbiology and ecology and pathobiology and involve collaborations between MBL and Brown faculty. Students should contact potential MBL or Brown faculty members who are active in the Brown-MBL program to discuss potential internship opportunities. Please contact Jean Enright ( for more information and a list of MBL faculty and collaborating Brown departments. For more information on 2018 internship opportunities see link here. For more information on MBL go to

International Award Funding to support students participating in internships abroad in any career field.

Beller-Moses Award  Assists students on financial aid by providing funding for internships in any career field.

The Kidderbrook Public Service Awards support internships to assist students interested in careers in government or community service to do social science research in non-governmental organizations or government agencies.

2. Summer Earnings Waivers (SEW) make it possible for students who are required to contribute towards their educational costs to gain valuable work experience.  The awards are open to financial aid recipients who are eligible for University Scholarship in the academic year following their summer internship.  The award waives the annual summer earnings requirement --  for summer 2018, this amount was $3,200. Students will be awarded up to the required summer earnings contribution for the academic year.  The award is contingent upon the student's continued eligibility for University Scholarship in the 2019-20 award year. SEWs apply to a student's financial aid package in the fall and spring semesters following their internship; therefore, students need to be eligible for Financial Aid from Brown in the fall and spring to receive the SEW. Please note that students are eligible for a SEW only one time during their four years at Brown; for example, if you secure a LINK/SEW your first summer at Brown, and an UTRA your second summer, you will only receive a SEW with the first award, the LINK/SEW, and not again with the UTRA.


  • Attend a LINK Information Session or LINK Walk-In Hours.
  • Read through our LINK Tip SheetFAQs,  and Personal Statement Guidelines and Samples.
  • Stop by our PCA Open Hours (Monday-Friday, 1:30-3:30) to have your resume and personal statement reviewed before submitting in UFUNDS.
  • Attend other CareerLAB programming related to internships for tips on finding an internship, writing a personal statement, crafting your resume, and preparing for an interview.


  • Read FAQs  and Personal Statement Guidelines.
  • Download the Supervisor Statement Form.
  • Have your resume, signed supervisor statement and organization/position description (written by the organization) ready.
  • Complete the UFUNDS Application. 
    Students are permitted to submit one application for one internship opportunity.  Multiple applications will not be considered. Students not awarded funding in the first round may apply for funding in the second round with a different internship opportunity.
  • ALL documents must be uploaded with your application in UFUNDS.  CareerLAB will not accept application materials directly.
  • Selection committees will only review requested materials (resume, personal statement, organization/position description and supervisor statement).  Additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. will not be considered.

2019 1st Round Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2019 by 12pm (noon) EST
*Students with internships outside of the United States should apply in the first round.

2019 2nd Round Deadline: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by 12pm (noon) EST
*Students interning domestically can apply. Applications for an international internship may be considered in this round, please contact BrownConnect with any questions.

  • NO extensions or exceptions.
  • Applications are NOT considered on a rolling basis.
  • Only completed applications (including uploaded resume, personal statement, signed supervisor statement, and organization/position description) submitted by the deadline will be accepted and reviewed by the selection committees.  If you are having trouble with any aspect of the application process, please contact at least three (3) business days prior to the deadline.


Review committees - comprised of a wide array of Brown staff and faculty members - are established for LINK/SEW awards at the beginning of spring semester.  Committees convene as a group in mid-March and late April to finalize selections.

All awards are made based on the extent to which the experience is likely to integrate professional and academic development, the likelihood that the experience will promote achievement of the student's ultimate career goals, and associated cost burdens, i.e., travel, food and housing.


Brown has a number of competitive scholarship programs that offer full or partial funding for unpaid or low-pay internships. The money always runs out, though, especially for summer internships. So start your process early. Check out the programs below to get a sense of the best time to apply for funding.

For all inquiries, contact:

Sarah Brown
Internships Manager
Center for Careers and Life After Brown or (401) 863-6239