Post-Graduate Data

Archaeology and the Ancient World

The concentration in Archaeology and the Ancient World provides an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted discipline of archaeology while examining the critical early civilizations of the so-called ‘Old World’– that is, the complex societies of the Mediterranean, Egypt, and Ancient Western Asia. Students will learn about the art, architecture, and material culture of the ancient world, exploring things of beauty and power, as well as the world of the everyday. Concentrators will also learn "how to do" archaeology - the techniques of locating, retrieving and analyzing ancient remains - and consider how material culture shapes our understanding of the past. Concentrators are encouraged to pursue research opportunities through summer fieldwork, museum experience, or independent study projects.

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.



  • 2nd Lieutenant, US Marine Corps
  • Associate Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Park Guide, National Park Services

Graduate School

  • Brown Alpert Medical School, MD
  • Brown Alpert Medical School, MD
  • University of Oxford, PhD, Archaeology



  • Business Analyst, Infosys
  • Data Scientist, Newsle, Inc.
  • Electrics Intern, Trinity Repertory Company
  • Intern, Norton Museum of Art
  • Sales Associate, EMC
  • Software Engineer, Jana

Graduate School

  • University of Michigan, PhD, Classical Archaeology
  • University of Minnesota Law School, JD



  • Admissions Representative, Bryant University
  • Assistant Environmental Consultant, AECOM Asia Company Ltd.
  • Assistant to Leila Heller, Leila Heller Gallery
  • Cultural Resources Intern, National Council for Preservation Education
  • Intern, Providence Pictures
  • Inventory Specialist, Culinary Arts Museum, Johnson & Wales University
  • Legal Assistant, Marcin and Lambirth LLP
  • Museum Assistant, American Philosophical Society Museum (APS)

Graduate School

  • California Institute of Technology, PhD, Aerospace Engineering
  • Columbia University, PhD/MA, Anthropology/Archaeology


  • Harvey A. Baker Fellowship



  • Analyst, Applied Marketing Science
  • Getty Curatorial Intern, Catalina Island Museum