Environmental Science

Welcome to STEM’s Environmental Sciences page! This page is dedicated to Brown students who are concentrating in Environmental Studies or Science or are interested in these fields.

Below you’ll find links to opportunities related to careers in environmental and geological sciences. Please feel free to browse at your own leisure and make sure to come back periodically to check out newly posted opportunities. Enjoy!

Brown Department Websites & DUGs

Environmental Studies Department: Official Brown Departmental Web site

Industry and Career Information

Environmental Career Guide: A thorough list with descriptions of individual subfields in the environmental and geoscience fields. 
Renewable Energy Jobs: The Renewable Energy Jobs career guide provides an overview of the career opportunities within the green energy industries. 
Envirolink: The EnviroLink Network is a non-profit organization that provides thousands of resources for students interested in the fields of environmental science and geoscience. 
Green Careers Guide: A Web site that lists many “green collar” opportunities for students interested in geology and environmental sciences.

Job/Internship Postings

Environmental Career Opportunities: EcoJobs.com lists hundreds of jobs in environmental science fields like natural resources & conservation, outdoor & environmental education, environmental advocacy, and more. This resource also has internship links available.
Brown University Center for Environmental Studies: A list of internships endorsed by Brown’s environmental studies department.
EPA Career Opportunities: The Environmental Protection Agency’s official list of career and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
Union of Concerned Scientists: Great internship opportunities and fellowships sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
The Wilderness Society: Full-time and part-time job listings and internships from the Wilderness Society.
ScienceJobs.Org: A frequently updated Web site with links to applications for jobs, and postdoctorial fellow positions in environmental and earth sciences in various cities in the United States.

Graduate School Resources

Environmental Science Graduate School Search: A searchable resource of Environmental Science MS and Ph.D programs hosted by Gradschools.com that allows you to input your own program type and location information.
America’s Best Environmental Studies Graduate Programs: A refreshing article about the environmental sciences graduate school process, complete with a list of the highly recommended programs.

Professional Associations

National Association of Environmental Professionals
Association of Environmental Professionals
The World Directory of Environmental Professional Associations, Organizations and Societies