Interfolio: Account Holder FAQs

Why does Brown use Interfolio?
Interfolio is the premiere online credentialing service that maintains letters of recommendation and other dossier documents in a safe, secure system. File holders can request letters of recommendation and dossier file forwarding online, as well as monitor the status of their documents and delivery requests anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser. 

How do I start a new dossier file with Interfolio?
Use this link to create a Brown Dossier account on the Interfolio website. See the Interfolio web site for more information, or contact them directly at 1-877-773-6546.

What are the costs associated with using Interfolio?
A one-year fileholder membership, which suffices for many students, stores and maintains files for as little as $19. Interfolio also offers 3- and 5- year memberships. Costs for forwarding files vary, depending upon the mailing options you select.

What sorts of documents can be managed through Interfolio?
Resumes and CVs, cover letters, letters of recommendation, transcripts, writing samples--any document that supports your applications to various schools, programs and/or employment can be uploaded, stored, and disseminated. Interfolio accepts files created in any word processing format, as well as pdfs. When a document is uploaded, Interfolio automatically converts and saves the document in pdf format.

Can I use Interfolio to request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or other letter writer?
Yes. Once you set up your membership with Interfolio, you can request letters of recommendation immediately using Interfolio's electronic email request system. For a complete list of instructions, see the Interfolio Help Center.

Does my letter writer have to have an Interfolio account?
No. There are several ways in which a writer may submit letters to your online dossier. However, we encourage professors to set up a no-cost Letter Writer account with Interfolio. This will authorize them to upload letters of recommendation into student accounts. Letter writers can also retrieve and edit any letters they have uploaded. See our Letter Writer FAQs for more information.

What if my letter writer has questions?
Interfolio offers useful training links and a comprehensive section on the web site to assist them during the letter writing process. See our Letter Writer FAQs for more information. However, they are also welcome to contact Interfolio directly by phone ( 1-877-77-FOLIO) or email [email protected].

Can I read my letters of recommendation? Are they confidential?
When you request a letter of recommendation, you will indicate whether or not you waive your right of access to the letter. If you waive your right, your letter will be marked "confidential" and you will not have access to see or print the letter. However, in all cases, you will be able to view the status of the letter when you log in to your account.

How can I check on the status of my letters/delivery requests?
When you log in to your Interfolio account, the landing page provides you with a list of all the documents and deliveries associated with your account, along with their status and associated dates.

 Who will be able to read the documents in my Interfolio account?
No one is able to access your personal Interfolio account except you. The contents of your file remain private until you authorize Interfolio to forward copies of your documents to an institution, search committee, or application review representative. Letter writers may view documents they upload via their Interfolio accounts.

If I had a dossier file through Brown's Dossier Service, can I transfer it to Interfolio?
Unfortunately, the paper dossier files are no longer available for transfer.

What if I am having trouble with my Interfolio account?