The Career Development Cycle: Making Decisions

You did your networking and research; your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIN profile helped you get the interview; and now you’ve been offered the job or internship. 

Sometimes it’s your first choice, the position you knew you wanted all along, and the answer is any easy “yes.” But sometimes it’s more complicated. You might have several offers or you might be waiting for another offer. You might, even after all the interviews, remain unsure that this is the right job or internship for you. 

Get Started

  • Even when you’re sure you want to accept the offer, you can consider negotiating details about your pay or benefits. Read through our Negotiating an Offer Tip Sheet and, if you want more help, then schedule an appointment with a career advisor.
  • We can also help you debrief at the end of your internship. You can consider what you learned about the field of work you were in and what you learned about yourself -- including your skills, interests and values – and how that might influence classes you might take, future jobs and internships and your career path.