Post-Graduate Data

Computer Science - Economics

The joint Computer Science-Economics concentration exposes students to the theoretical and practical connections between computer science and economics. It prepares students for professional careers that incorporate aspects of economics and computer technology and for academic careers conducting research in areas that emphasize the overlap between the two fields. Concentrators may choose to pursue either the A.B. or the Sc.B. degree. While the A.B. degree allows students to explore the two disciplines by taking advanced courses in both departments, its smaller number of required courses is compatible with a liberal education. The Sc.B. degree achieves greater depth in both computer science and economics by requiring more courses, and it offers students the opportunity to creatively integrate both disciplines through a design requirement. In addition to courses in economics, computer science, and applied mathematics, all concentrators must fulfill the Computer Science department's writing requirement by passing a course that involves significant expository writing. 

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.



  • Associate Product Manager, Google, Inc.
  • Data Engineer, Apple
  • Federal Analyst, Deloitte
  • Fellow/Tech Analyst, Venture for America - Juggle, LLC
  • Healthcare Investment Banking Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Product Manager, Zynga
  • Security Engineer, Google, Inc.
  • Software Developer, Simple Admit
  • Software Engineer, Airbnb
  • Software Engineer, Flatiron Health
  • Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
  • Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
  • Software Engineer, Moody's Analytics
  • Software Engineer, SOLUTE
  • Software Engineer, Superior League Gaming
  • Software Engineer, Yelp
  • Technical Analyst, Citrix
  • Technology Analyst, RBC Capital Markets

Graduate School

  • MS
  • MS



  • Advisory Associate, KPMG US
  • Analyst, Altman Vilandrie & Co.
  • Analyst, Credit Suisse
  • Deployment Strategist, Palantir Technologies
  • Investment Team, Insight Venture Partners
  • Research Analyst, Rhode Island Innovative Policy Lab (RIIPL)
  • Software Engineer, C3 IoT
  • Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Software Engineer, Wayfair



  • Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
  • Software Developer, Paperless Post
  • Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Corp.
  • Software Engineer,
  • Software Engineer, Appnexus
  • Software Engineer, Avhana
  • Technology analyst, Goldman Sachs



  • Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
  • Post-doc, Boston University
  • Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.
  • Software Developer, Sunlight Foundation
  • Software Engineer, Palantir Technologies
  • Software Engineer, Venmo
  • Strategy Analyst, Keystone Strategy



  • Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company
  • Pre-doctoral Research Assistant, Harvard University
  • Software Engineer, Google
  • Software Engineer, Square



  • Application Developer, Goldman Sachs
  • Fixed Income Analyst, Bracebridge Capital
  • Owner, Pelin
  • Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
  • Software Engineer, HotPads