Post-Graduate Data

Geological Sciences

Geological science involves the study of the Earth (and other planetary bodies), including their compositions and histories and the physical chemical and biological processes that shape them. The geosciences are highly interdisciplinary, thus students must take some supporting math and science courses. Geoscience courses emphasize a process-oriented approach, with hands-on experiences in labs and on field trips. There is a strong emphasis on active and collaborative learning, and on practice in communication. Students may choose an AB (total of 13 courses) or an ScB (19 total courses, including one semester of research). There are many opportunities for students to do research work (typically in paid positions) during the academic year or in the summer, in areas such as deformation and properties of geological materials, deciphering the geologic history of some local rocks, or analysis of planetary images.

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.


Graduate School

  • MFA



  • GIS Analyst, MassDOT
  • Lab Assistant, Brown University
  • Marine Conservation Intern, Reef Environmental Education Foundation
  • Organizer, Green Corps
  • Recruiting Coordinator, International Justice Mission

Graduate School

  • Oregon State University, MS, Water Resources



  • Art Production Assistant, The Steel Yard
  • Associate, Ramboll Environ
  • Client Development, Northstar Recycling

Graduate School

  • McGill University, PhD, Geology
  • Pennsylvania State University, PhD, Geological Sciences
  • Simon Fraser University, MS, Geology - Climate Modeling



  • Associate Geoscientist, ENVIRON
  • Data Analyst Intern, ProvPlan
  • Researcher, University of Texas at Austin
  • Staff Assistant Geologist, Roux Associates


  • Fulbright Fellowship



  • Research Assistant, Earth Observatory of Singapore

Graduate School

  • Roger Williams University School of Law, JD



  • Corps Member/Ocean State Environmental Education Collaborative, AmeriCorps - Audubon Society of Rhode Island
  • Intern, California Coastal Commission
  • Junior Scientist, Anchor QEA
  • Research Assistant, Abt Associates
  • Research Assistant-GIS & RS, Wildlife Conservation Society-Tanzania