Ron Foreman

 Ron Foreman
Associate Director Career Counseling, Undergraduate Program

 Ron Foreman manages the execution and overall philosophy of career education counseling and programming.  As part of that, he supervises the Peer Career Advisor program, which significantly enhances CareerLAB's services with weekly Open Hours and Workshops for undergraduates.   Although he enjoys working with all students, he especially enjoys helping those that feel overwhelmed, identify future options based on their skills and interests and connect them to the world of work. Ron is a graduate of Boston University and has a Master's Degree in College Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University. Ron has worked at CareerLAB since 2000.


Get to Know Ron:

First Job Out of College: counselor, group home for autistic men
Most interesting Job: this one, constant new waves of interesting people
Dirtiest Job: worked at a vending machine company one summer filling milks into a vending machine at 37 degrees in a muddy, dirty, dark room
Favorite App: zillow
Favorite Cartoon Character: Underdog
Right Now I am reading: 
Win by Harlan Coben
Ask me about: how I figured out career counseling was the path for me
Right now I am listening to:
70's Elton John
Favorite place: South Florida
Can’t live without: bakeries
Keep me away from: homemade chocolate chip cookies
Secret skill: making kugel
Fun Fact: 
love to do laundry
Favorite Food:
bread pudding
How old were you when you got your first cell phone? 27
Did you have a pager? Never
Have you ever used a typewriter?
Wrote every college paper on a typewriter
DC or Marvel? Marvel
Favorite Super hero:
Ziva (NCIS)

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