Interviewing & Networking


In general, employers use interviews to evaluate three things: 

  1. Do you have the academic background, technical qualifications, and skills to do the job? 
  2. Do you have the personal characteristics and competencies necessary for effective performance? 
  3. Are you a good fit with the organization? 

In most cases, an interviewer has already decided from your résumé that you meet the first criteria, though he or she may have additional questions about your background. The answers to questions two and three can usually be gained only through an interview.

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Note: CareerLAB staff do not do mock case interviews. Click here for CareerLAB's Consulting Resources.


It’s not unusual for students to feel intimidated by networking and to struggle to find people to talk to and to figure out how to start the conversation. Making connections and having conversations with people who share your interests -- friends and fellow students, family, faculty, employers, and alumni -- is one of the most effective ways to explore and learn about different career paths and find jobs and internships. Read our Informational Interviewing Tip Sheet for more information.

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Meet with an advisor or peer career advisor to get advice on approaching alumni and other contacts in your field and building your network. To help you make these connections, CareerLAB brings more than 100 alumni to campus each year to talk about their experiences through alumni panels, vidoe chats, alumni-in-residence and CareerCon, an intensive program through which students explore options for life after Brown by learning from and networking with alumni. 

Connect Online

  • BrownConnect allows students to search for and connect with more then 40,000 alums. Current students can use BrownConnect to learn about various careers while at the same time developing a network of people who are willing and able to help you prepare for life after Brown. 
  • LinkedIn Alumni Connections Tool allows you to access more than 75,000 Brown alumni and student who have posted their professional profiles on LinkedIn.