Overview of Undergraduate Post-Graduation Data

Brown graduates find success across a broad array of employment opportunities, advanced studies and other endeavors. CareerLAB's most recent data was collected from graduates of the Class of 2o20, yielding information on 1,317 students out of the total class of 1,750. This reflects a knowledge rate of 75% - a term signifying that the information was culled from a variety of data sources, including our annual first-destination survey and other research (see Methodology section below).

Our CareerLAB By the Numbers brochure highlights immediate post-graduation plans for the Class of 2020, including employment, graduate or professional studies and fellowship/scholarship awards. 


Information on immediate post-graduation activities is obtained through multiple sources. Most of the data is self-reported by graduates through the First Destination survey, launched by CareerLAB around commencement and open for six months following graduation. Other sources of information include the National Student Clearinghouse Report each fall, containing data on recent graduates who are matriculating into graduate and professional schools; employer hiring information; and LinkedIN.

2015-2019 First-Destinations

Interactive data that includes the Class of 2020 will be posted in the fall of 2021.

Additional Data


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