Planning for Graduate & Pre-Professional School

Applying to graduate school for a masters or doctoral degree demands careful preparation during your time at Brown, and attention to the application timeline and process.  In any field, it is essential to have a clear understanding of why you want a graduate education. You should spend time considering what programs and schools will be a good fit for you, what careers these programs and schools will prepare you for, and what the application process entails. Knowing what your goals are for continuing your education is vital.

Graduate School

Graduate school -- whether masters or doctoral -- takes time, energy and financial resources. Deciding to attend graduate school should not be used as a way to put off exploring and making decisions about different career paths, rather, it's time for focused study in a specific field you wish to enter. 

Masters programs are typically applied.  Through classroom work and often field study, students learn specific skills directly applicable to the work world. After taking advanced classes, doctoral students begin independent research, culminating in a dissertation which makes a contribution to research in their area of study. Doctoral students often serve as teaching assistants at some time during their course of study.

CareerLAB is a partner with The College in providing graduate school advising regarding the process, necessary documents, and timelines. Faculty should be consulted early on to get an understanding of differences between masters and doctoral study in your field, and for specifics about the focus of different programs. 

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Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Professional Advising is a collaboration between The College and CareerLAB. We support students and recent alumni interested in education and careers in the Health Professions, Law and Business through dedicated web resources, publications, workshops, programs, group and individual advising. 

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Thoroughly explore the website for the pre-professional track in which you are interested and attend our events and programs during the academic year to take full advantage of our support.