Undergraduate Post-Graduate Studies

Many graduates pursue advanced degrees directly after leaving Brown. The chart below indicates the number of graduating students from the classes of 2015-2017 who have pursued graduate or other advanced degrees in various fields. This data can be filtered by the respondents' undergraduate concentration at Brown, as well as their advanced field of study, the advanced degree that they are pursuing, and the advanced institution.

Chart Usage Tips

  • To select a specific criteria, first locate the desired pulldown menu and click the arrow next to "(All)". This will deselect all items in that list. 
  • Click in a blank box to place a checkmark next to the criteria you'd like to use. The charts will automatically repopulate to display only the information you selected. Filters apply to all charts within a dashboard.
  • Individual charts are sortable in ascending and descending order by alphabetical order or by unit measure.
  • Hover over the data points for additional details.
  • To clear all selections in a chart, simply refresh your browser. This will completely reset the page.