Undergraduate Post-Graduation Employment: Industry/Employer/Sector

Of the Brown seniors graduating during 2015-2017, an average of 70% per class year entered directly into employment. Organizations that hire Brown graduates represent a wide range of industries and a cross-section of for-profit, non-profit, and government/public sectors. 

Post-graduation employment information can be filtered in the interactive dashboard below based on your desired search criteria. The graphs below show employment by industry, employer, and sector. Each graph is a different color with varying shades to distinguish between class years.

Chart Usage Tips

  • To select a specific criteria, first locate the desired pulldown menu and click the arrow next to "(All)". This will deselect all items in that list. 
  • Click in a blank box to place a checkmark next to the criteria you'd like to use. The charts will automatically repopulate to display only the information you selected. Filters apply to all charts within a dashboard.
  • Individual charts are sortable in ascending and descending order by alphabetical order or by unit measure.
  • Hover over the data points for additional details.
  • To clear all selections in a chart, simply refresh your browser. This will completely reset the page.