Confidentiality basically means a very high level of privacy. CAPS is one of the few offices at the university that are a confidential resource. Your privacy and our records are protected by state and federal laws, as well as our providers’ licensing rules and professional ethics, all of which hold very strict standards on maintaining confidentiality.

Our records are separate from other university records, and if you are over the age of 18, your contact with our office is not disclosed to anyone without your written permission except in specific situations dictated by law. The most common is when there is an urgent need to help connect you emergency care providers (like a hospital). This usually happens when there is a very serious likelihood of you committing suicide, and we see this as an important step in saving your life. There are other rare instances that are detailed in our confidentiality form that you will read before your first visit. Your counselor can also answer any questions you have about confidentiality even before you discuss anything else.