Alcohol and Other Substances

Alcohol and other Substances

Concerns about alcohol, and other drugs, bring students to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for three main reasons. Brown students sometimes come from a family where drug use, most often alcohol, is a problem. When these students are around others who are drinking they may not feel like having fun. Instead the noise may be a reminder of previous discomfort, embarassment, or disappointment caused by a problem drinker in the family. Periodically CAPS offers a group called Adult Children of Alcoholics, that may be of interest to these students.

Other students make an appointment because they are worried about the substance use of a roommate and/or friend at Brown. The friend may be having trouble keeping up academically, may be engaging in risky behaviors while using, or may have become secretive or defensive about their substance use.

The third group of students who make appointments have some concerns about their own alcohol, or other drug, use. We do an assessment with them to determine the role that alcohol, or another drug, plays in their life and then help them devise an appropriate plan of action.

While we at CAPS are one place for students to talk about alcohol and other drugs, some students may prefer other alternatives on campus. The staff at the office of Health Education offer confidential appointments to discuss drug and alcohol concerns as well. They are located on the third floor of the Health Services building, or call 863-2794. Health Education also has useful information about alcohol and other drugs on its Patient Education Page.

Confidential support is available for students who are in recovery from substance use disorders or who are concerned about their drinking or drug use. Please contact Dean Shannon O'Neill, 401-863-2536, Dean for Chemical Dependency, for more information.

If you want to rate your beliefs, lifestyles, risks and consequences concerning drinking, visit the website, To log in, enter the school code: Brown.