Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) takes a goal-focused and collaborative approach to mental health services to assist students in improving their lives. Our diverse staff offers a range of psychological treatment and prevention services in an inclusive, compassionate,affirming and socially just environment. CAPS provides a range of mental health services to the Brown community, including individual psychological treatment, mental health support, medication management, trainings and consultation for faculty and staff, crisis stabilization, after hours assessment and urgent care, outreach programming, and groups.

CAPS is excited to welcome students into our new space at 450 Brook Street. As the fall 2021 semester starts students can contact us by phone (401-863-3476) or email ([email protected]) to schedule a next day appointment to meet immediate needs. Starting 9/20/21 students can schedule a time to meet with a CAPS counselor to make a collaborative plan for the semester. 

Our current hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00. Outside of our typical work hours CAPS is available to all students, regardless of location, through the CAPS after hours resource (401-863-3476, follow prompts to speak to a counselor).

Please see our About Us page for information on our commitment to anti-racism.

CAPS Care Update 1/24/22: Start of Semester Telehealth Options 

We are excited to welcome students back and kick off the spring semester. From 1/24 to 2/1, we will be offering care in the format of telehealth appointments. This will allow us to manage density around student move-in and check-ins at the Wellness Center. We understand that there may be an increased need for student care as you acclimate to being back on campus, and we are here to support you

Welcome to 450 Brook St

As of Monday, August 16, CAPS is operating from the new Health & Wellness Center at 450 Brook St. 

CAPS Commitment to Care: Winter 2021

View our [email protected] communication here.

Congratulations on reaching the last stretch of the Fall 2021 semester! To ensure you continue to receive proper care leading up to and throughout the winter holidays, we recommend you take note of upcoming care schedules and options. If you are a student who is currently engaged in treatment with a CAPS provider, please work with your provider to make a plan to wind down treatment for the semester. If you are a student who needs to come to CAPS for the first time this semester, please contact us to schedule a next day appointment. These appointments will be focused on in-the-moment problem solving and providing you with support in order to meet your end of semester goals. Same day urgent appointments are also always available as needed.

CAPS recommends students schedule ongoing counseling sessions with a local therapist if spending time away from Brown to ensure they are provided with timely, high-quality care in their area. CAPS will be providing care options remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; students can access remote counseling services through CAPS On-Demand by calling 401-863-3476 or through the HealthiestYou app. 

For immediate needs, students can access 24/7 remote counseling services through CAPS On-Demand by calling 401-863-3476 and following the prompts to speak with a therapist.  Brown has also partnered with HealthiestYou, a robust teleclinical service which offers students remote consultation with clinicians and mental health providers licensed throughout the country. Care provided by HealthiestYou providers is unlimited and there is no additional cost to students. Students can access telehealth and telemental health care via the HealthiestYou app 24/7 from any location by downloading the HealthiestYou app and creating an account today. Please reach out to HealthiestYou at 866.703.1259 for assistance with setting up an account. Learn more about accessing HealthiestYou care over the holidays.

Students may also reference these trusted resources to assist in maintaining your mental wellness during the holidays:

Update: CAPS Therapist at Horace Mann

CAPS in collaboration with the Graduate School is pleased to announce the embedding of a CAPS therapist within Horace Mann. Jamall Pollock, LICSW will provide graduate students with goal-focused, collaborative care from his office at 47 George Street, starting on October 18, 2021. Current hours for this service are Monday 8:30-3pm and Wednesday 8:30-noon. We are grateful for the support of Vanessa Britto, Executive Director of Health and Wellness, Eric Estes, VP of Campus Life and Andrew G. Campbell, Dean of the Graduate School towards this initiative to improve access to mental health services for graduate students.

Utilizing Your Mental and Emotional Health Resources

As we continue to renew our commitment to rejoin community, I write to share with you gentle reminders of the wide array of resources available in support of our student community. We recognize that you are now halfway through the semester and have been juggling a number of stressors, namely the transition to college and back into in-person education and COVID protocols, and we are here to assist you in navigating these challenges. 
It is the continued goal of our staff and faculty to support the emotional wellbeing of all students including students in need of urgent care or in crisis regardless of the student’s location of study.  We encourage you to make use of the resources below that have been designed with your wellbeing in mind: 

CAPS Resources:

  • To contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for a routine appointment please give us a call (401-863-3476) or visit us at the new Health & Wellness Building (450 Brook Street, Providence, RI) during our regular business hours.
  • For urgent needs, call or walk into CAPS during regular business hours, or contact CAPS On Demand (call 401-863-3476, follow prompts to speak to a counselor) overnight, weekends and holidays, 365 days/year. CAPS On Demand is available for all students, regardless of physical location.
  • Join student groups and workshops with CAPS and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) including ADHD Support and Neurodiversity Support.
  • Access teletherapy via Healthiest You for 24/7 care regardless of where you are traveling, researching or studying nationally or internationally.

Additional Campus Life Resources:

Additional Resources:

Launching the HealthiestYou App - 9/21/21:

Health & Wellness is excited to announce remote telehealth and telemental health services available to Brown students, particularly those who are outside of the state of Rhode Island. In an effort to ensure we are offering you the highest quality and most quickly accessible care,  Brown has partnered with HealthiestYou, a robust teleclinical service which offers students remote consultation with clinicians and mental health providers licensed throughout the country. Students can access telehealth and telemental health care via the HealthiestYou app 24/7 from any location, especially while living, studying, or traveling outside of Rhode Island both nationally and internationally.

The app allows students to identify providers, find low-cost prescriptions, compare care prices, and can connect with their insurance. When going abroad, it is easiest for a student to use the app if they have established a pre-existing relationship with a HealthiestYou provider. This service is intended to supplement existing local resources to provide students with easily accessible and dependable care, regardless of location of study. The app will be available to all enrolled Brown students throughout the year, spanning the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Care provided by HealthiestYou providers is unlimited and there is no additional cost to students. 

We encourage students to take advantage of this offering when outside of Rhode Island by downloading the HealthiestYou app and creating their accounts today! Please reach out to HealthiestYou at 866.703.1259 for assistance with setting up an account.



8/23/21 Update 215: We are fully committed to serving our community in the ways available to us. Due to newly-implemented regulations, CAPS therapists located in Rhode Island are unable to provide telehealth services to students outside of Rhode Island. We are looking at additional ways we can support students who are studying remotely for the rest of the year and will update the community as that information becomes available. We aim to care for you as possible in the meantime, and look forward to seeing you back on campus.

Available to students anywhere in the U.S.: All students can access care through CAPS on Demand, available 24/7,  by calling 401-863-3476 and following the prompts. We encourage students to contact us with concerns both during the business day and after hours, and can also be reached by email at [email protected].

Students studying internationally: Students may also get help accessing international “local” care through International SOS, even if they are studying in their home country. The first step is to register your “trip” with International SOS and then contact them to request a counselor near where you are.

Available to students in the Providence area: Our current hours at CAPS are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, located at 450 Brook St. There is additional availability for graduate and medical students on Saturdays as well.  In addition to business hours, all students can reach CAPS on Demand 24/7 by calling 401-863-3476 and following the prompts. We encourage students to contact us with concerns and can also be reached by email at [email protected]

  1. Meeting details: Scheduled meetings are taking place in person at the new Health & Wellness Center at 450 Brook St.  

  2. Scheduling a session: You are able to access care in many ways.  If you are located outside of RI you can contact CAPS On-Demand to speak to a licensed therapist for support.  If you are located in RI, you can schedule a counseling session for the next business day two ways. You can use our new Appointment Request Form, or you can email us at [email protected]If you're emailing about scheduling, it can speed things up if you also send times between 8:00-4:00 with your request, and if you've been in before, send the name of the provider you saw if you would like to see them again.

  3. Changes to an existing appointment: If you already have a session booked and need to make a change, please email us at [email protected] and we can help you make the changes.

  4. If you have an active prescription with us: For all inquiries about medication (refills, adjustments, etc), please email us so we can get you to the right person [email protected].

  5. Urgent needs:  Students are welcome to reach out after hours and we continue to provide services for urgent situations. We continue to provide services for urgent situations. In those cases, please access one of the urgent help options immediately, including our number at 401-863-3476. If you call, follow the prompts to be connected to someone who can help. This is available 24/7, every day of the year, and you can access it from anywhere.

  6. Finding Care Off Campus: If you interested in finding a mental health provider geographically near you, or in Providence but outside the university, start with our page on Finding Care Off Campus. If you need more assistance, email us and someone on our team can help sort things out with you.

  7.  Accessing Workshops: All students are invited to join our workshops, outreach, and community building events. We also encourage you to engage in our weekly groups.

  8. For all other inquiries: Contact us via email [email protected] and someone will be in touch to help during our business hours. 

Check back here for any updates, and be in touch with any questions or concerns related to your mental health needs. Take good care of yourself and each other.

-CAPS Team



In paying the Student Health Fee, you are eligible for services at CAPS. There are no additional charges for services at CAPS, and we do not bill your insurance for any reason. Please read through the rest of this site to learn more about what we offer and our scope of practice. Any student unsure of their eligibility should check and see if they paid the Student Health Fee for the current semester.


A Different Kind of Counseling Center

Our center operates differently than a lot of other college counseling centers. For [email protected], we really strive to provide help as fast as possible and on-demand. Given that, we offer a substantial number of meetings you can book the next day, so we can help when you need us the most. Our average wait for a first meeting during the COVID-19 transition is 1 day. We spend even your first meeting working to support you with the immediate situation you are struggling with, and your provider will collaborate with you on a follow-up plan that matches your needs. We do that in a culturally informed, trauma informed, and social justice framework.