Our contacts with students are confidential. Our records are not a part of any other University record. We do not share information about a student with anyone (including parents, professors, deans, friends, or peer counselors) without the student's written authorization. We do not confirm inquiries about whether a student has made an appointment or been seen already.

We place a high value on confidentiality; nevertheless, we may be obligated to disclose information without the student's consent under certain circumstances, such as in an emergency, or as otherwise permitted by law. If you have concerns or questions about confidentiality, please phone our office for clarification.

We are happy to consult with parents regarding their concerns about their son or daughter. We are unable to acknowledge whether a particular student is a client unless the student has signed a Release of Information Form allowing communication between the therapist and the parent. When no release has been signed, a departmental representative will discuss concerns with parents in general terms only.

A note about online communication: Because of the high value we place on the privacy of our clients, staff members of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) do not use email to communicate with students.  Further, because we cannot guarantee that messages will be read regularly, information regarding emergency situations should not be transmitted to us via email.  All clinical communication should occur either in-person at CAPS (J. Walter Wilson Room 512) or by phone (401-863-3476).