Given the changing environment of college mental health, CAPS is always experimenting with new initiatives to improve access and client care. Below are a few of the current pilot programs we are conducting. If any of these may help you get the care you want, please ask about them when you call to schedule.

SEAS Evaluations

CAPS views making accommodations accessible for students with psychiatric disabilities from a social justice lens. Given this, we are experimenting with a more streamlined approach for students coming to CAPS for SEAS documentation. Our assessment process is between 1-3 meetings depending on the situation. The first session is typically a time to gathering information and see if CAPS is able to provide the evaluation necessary. Additionally, CAPS is not equipped to evaluate and diagnose ADHD, and needs to acquire additionally medical documentation to evaluate housing accommodation documentation requests (living off campus, emotional support animals, etc). Students interested in these should call and ask for this type of appointment. 

Fast Track

This is our program to help students, only needing one or two sessions with us, be scheduled into open clinical time in providers' schedules sooner than our Consults allow for. This is a good option to quickly get tools, tips, and direction to address things that are troubling you. It is also a good option to manage any other type of contact you need to have with CAPS (help connecting with care off campus, checking in at someone's request, following up after an outreach or hospital visit, learning about whether CAPS is right for your care, getting documentation filled out, learning how to help a friend, etc). There are no follow ups planned after these sessions, but you can always schedule another one in the future, and these sessions are 25-minutes. To book one of these, call us and ask for a "Fast Track request" and someone will follow up with you later that day with potential options.

Same Day Sessions

CAPS is offering a limited number of sessions that can be booked the same day of the appointment. These 25-minute meetings are scheduled for many times during the day, Mon-Fri. Sometimes follow-up appointments are scheduled after these, but most students elect to continue using this type of appointment for their care. These are ideal if you have something time-sensitive to discuss, or just want to discuss anything with a clinician and want a more flexible approach for your scheduling. To book one, call us and ask for a "Same Day appointment."

Shopping Period Walk-In Clinic

For both Shopping Periods during the 17-18 year, CAPS offer all sessions the same-day as that students wanted them. These are all 25-minute sessions that could be reserved the same day the student wants to come in, or by just dropping in between 9a-4p. This allowed us to see a larger number of students during shopping period than in the history of the center, and will be something we will continue going forward. 

Finals Weeks Walk-In Clinic

Similar to the shopping period clinic, we will be experimenting with something similar for the last two weeks of the semester. Beginning Monday, April 30th, and going through the end of May, we will have all staff available for appointments between 9am and 4pm, with the last appointment starting at 4pm. These are all 25-minute sessions that can be reserved the same day the person wanted to come in, or by just coming in and asking for one.