Our Staff

We are a diverse group from a range of disciplines that have expertise in college student mental health. We are all committed to creating a safe and welcoming space within CAPS and broadly at Brown. Additionally, CAPS staff is multilingual, and we can provide treatment in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Thai, and Portuguese. 

This bio page is under development. If you have questions about any of our providers, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.


Clinical Providers

Jamila Allouane, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Jamila is passionate about assisting those struggling with issues related to: identity development, Muslim identity, marginalization, acculturation, and medical conditions. Her expertise includes evidence-based interventions for anxiety, mood, and trauma-related disorders. Fluent in Arabic and French, Jamila has lived in her homeland Algeria, native France, and adoptive United States.

Richard Booth, PhD
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Dr. Booth’s practice incorporates integrative and evidenced based approaches, examining clients through an ecological perspective. Dr. Booth is dedicated to improving mental health services by increasing representation of marginalized and diverse groups, noting the interplay between person (inner and outer), environments, power structures, societal norms, expectations, and barriers. Context matters.

Dawn Browne, LICSW
Dawn is committed to helping people develop strength, courage, understanding of themselves and realizing their full potential.  Dawn uses evidenced based practices with a style that is strength based, collaborative, honest, creative and solution focused.  Her clinical interests include mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, loss and stress management. Dawn has extensive experience working with underserved populations and marginalized groups.  Originally from Montreal Canada, Dawn is a first generation of Caribbean descent, cognizant of intersectionality and practices with a respectful, culturally affirming stance.  Dawn is bilingual and can provide treatment in French. 

Hercilia Corona, PhD
Assistant Director

Diane Farber, PsyD
Born in the Philippines and having emigrated to the U.S. as a child, Dr. Farber is interested in how environment can influence personal growth. She integrates various approaches in therapy including interpersonal process, psychodynamic and behavioral approaches, and mindfulness.

Corey Martin Fitzgerald, M.Ed.
Psychotherapist / Brief Treatment Specialist
Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Corey is a Black, gay, cis-gendered, Christian, male whose clinical approach aligns with an integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy. Corey’s specific interests are anxiety management, identity development, spirituality, working with students of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Corey is passionate about diversity, social justice, and creating a space where students feel empowered. 

Lisa Frappier, DO
Originally from RI, Dr Frappier graduated from Brown, concentrating in Psychology and Semiotics.  She completed medical school at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and then residency at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.   Prior to CAPS, she worked in community mental health at The Providence Center.

Laurice Girouard, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Medical School
Laurice provides comprehensive counseling services for Alpert Medical School students. Her therapeutic style synthesizes various treatment models including resiliency, relational, cognitive behavioral, internal family systems, and mindfulness approaches. A graduate of Smith College School for Social Work, she is fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Kelly Holder, PhD
Assistant Director
Dr. Holder is passionate about mental health and wellness. She has experience working in community mental health, private practice, college counseling centers, and health systems. Her areas of interest include anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment, and stress. Her clinical approach incorporates the use of CBT, DBT, and strength-based skills. Dr. Holder also serves as the Chief Wellness Officer for the Alpert Warren Medical School.  

Chonlada Jarukitisakul, PhD
Dr.Jarukitisakul is passionate about promoting self-understanding and self-acceptance. Specific focuses include anxiety, trauma, eating concerns, relationships, family issues, and identity development. Her practice incorporates strength- and evidence-based interventions (CBT, DBT, ACT, mindfulness) within the multicultural, relational, and social justice framework. She is originally from Thailand.

Wilthonie Johnson-Goncalves, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Grad Students Focus
Wilthonie was born in Liberia, and has worked with Brown graduate students since 2016. She strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment where students can address their concerns, while establishing goals to foster personal growth. Wilthonie uses evidence-based interventions as a major part of her counseling approach.  

Erin Lane-Aaronian, PsyD
Assistant Director for CAPS, Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator
Dr. Lane-Aaronian loves meeting individually with students, and values being part of the Brown community, where students, staff and faculty can support each other. As the outreach coordinator at CAPS, she hopes that the greater outreach work of the department helps students feel comfortable accessing traditional CAPS supports.

Jamall Pollock, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Grad Student Focus
Jamall is an interpersonally oriented social worker and believes that the therapeutic process can inspire individuals to healthfully navigate social environments. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Jamall is a 1st generation Caribbean American whose clinical interests include anxiety management skills, relationship issues, identity formation, and helping people to cultivate joy.

Ancha Santana, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Urgent Care Clinician
Ancha specializes in crisis stabilization and urgent needs. She has extensive experience as an emergency services clinician in local emergency departments, and was was also a prevention counselor in urban public high schools. Ancha was born in Cape Verde, and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Capeverdean Crioulo.

Jayden Thai, PhD
As a queer, trans man of color from the South, the importance of intersectional socio-political-cultural understanding, resiliency factors, empowerment, and authenticity on mental health crucially informs Dr. Thai’s clinical work.  Dr. Thai utilizes integrated approaches of Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy, centered in a social justice framework.

Kerri Varela, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Kerri approaches counseling by focusing on creating a safe environment for clients to be their authentic self. Originally from RI and a first generation CapeVerdean-American, she draws from a variety of therapeutic modalities depending on students' needs and preferences. While she works effectively with a broad range of student concerns, her specific interests include depression, anxiety, stress management, interpersonal dynamics and multicultural concerns.

Michael Wolfe, MD
Dr. Wolfe obtained his B.S. from Centre College and medical degree from West Virginia University.  He completed residency and fellowship (child and adolescent) at Brown. He has experience with inpatient, community mental health, international work, and partial hospital programs.  He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.

Heather Wong-Bailey, PsyD
Dr. Wong-Bailey is from California and was a first generation college student. Previous college counseling center experience includes UMass Amherst and Harvard University. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, helping students find their voice, focusing on strengths and resilience, and identity development within the context of a sociocultural framework.


Administrative Staff

Norah Cicione
Administrative  Assistant

Colleen Gosetti
Administrative Assistant

Peter Mello
Admin & Financial Sevices Coordinator/DCC