Medication Management @ CAPS

CAPS has two psychiatrists on staff that provide medication management, psychiatric assessment, and consultation. They work in collaboration with other CAPS staff, and providers in Health Services as part of our broader mental health care network.

Meeting with a Psychiatrist @ CAPS
CAPS has psychiatry as an adjunct to mental health support meetings or formal psychotherapy. This means that if you are struggling with your mental health, you should first schedule a meeting with a non-psychiatric staff member at CAPS. Once that process is established, if you need medication, the provider will make a referral to a CAPS psychiatrist for a medication assessment.

Psychaitric Care @ Health Services
If you are not interested in mental health support or psychotherapy as part of your care, but just want to explore medication options for mild-moderate depression or anxiety, please contact Health Services to meet with a provider there for a medication evaluation or adjustment. CAPS can also help connect you with psychiatrists in the community if preferred. 

For Students Currently on Medications
If you are already on medications that have not been prescribed by a CAPS psychiatrist, and need them adjusted urgently, contact the person that prescribed them for you for that service.

For Students with Off-Campus Counseling
If you have a treatment provider off campus and want to meet with a CAPS psychiatrist, you have several options. The first is for your therapist to help you connect with a community psychiatrist that they recommend. Another would be to explore options at Health Services (see above). Another option is for your therapist to fill out our Psychiatrist Request Form to request a meeting with a CAPS psychiatrist. Our psychiatry staff review the requests and look for the best options available to help, and will suggest options to the therapist making the request.

Psychiatrist Request Form NEW

Email it to: [email protected]