Supporting Diversity

Supporting Diversity

A critical part of our departmental mission is to be recognized as an influential and collaborative voice in student affairs in the areas of cultural competence and social justice, in our globally diverse university community. We do this through our individual and group clinical work, outreach and collaborative relationships with various student, faculty, and staff community organizations, internal staff development and trainings, and sharing the empirical work of our colleagues from our professional organizations. This page reflects some of our recent work to this end.

Addressing Racial Trauma

A selection of recent American Psychological Association's readings on understanding and addressing racial trauma.

Coping with Race-Related Stress

Professional Development

As a staff, we pursue knowledge and skills in cutting edge, evidence-based approaches that attend to the whole person. Staff members regularly attend conferences such as the Winter Roundtable in Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Diversity Challenge. Our staff is connected to numerous professional organizations relating to many aspects of cultural competency.

In the spirit of transparency and community engagement, we invite you to check out some of the readings and meeting topics of our Cross Cultural Competency professional development series, launched in 2014 and led by Dr. Allyson Brathwaite-Gardner.

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