Training Program

CAPS Training Program ('20-21)

Brown CAPS will have two available positions this year open to applicants seeking the following placements: doctoral level advanced practicum, master level internship, and advanced placement in clinical social work students.

What We Offer 

This program offers direct counseling and clinical experience with students at Brown, which is a global student community. After an orientation to our policies and procedures, and individual meetings with our clinical staff, you will be able to select your individual supervisor. Clinically, you will see approximately five to six clients per day, with a supportive staff available for consultation at any time.

Students at Brown who seek care at CAPS represent nearly every facet of diversity, including students of color, many sexual and gender identities, varied socioeconomic status, international students, differing abilities, religious and cultural identities, and intersections of numerous identities. We approach our work from a social justice framework, and we carefully consider the importance of our client's cultural context and the impact of intersecting identities on their presenting symptoms. We strongly encourage our trainees to incorporate these perspectives into their work with clients as well as with supervisors, staff, and one another. We are also a diverse, multilingual, multimodal, and multidisciplinary staff of psychologists, social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists. 

Throughout our clinical work, we regularly consult with and refer to many departments, particularly health services, wellness promotion, access office, and support deans. Accordingly, trainees will have the opportunity to interface with many of these offices to coordinate care and connect clients with support services across campus.

We are dedicated to the supervisory process, and we are all available for consultation and support outside of the formal supervision hours. Our training program utilizes a relational and multicultural framework for both clinical work and supervision. The program is grounded in mutual respect, feedback, and investment in the training process as you become a more independent practitioner. 

This site is ideal for students who are a) invested in examining and deepening their clinical self-efficacy, b) interested in working in a university counseling center after graduation, and c) committed to social justice in their lives and clinical work. We especially encourage trainees who are multilingual, from diverse backgrounds, and from traditionally underrepresented populations to apply. 

How to Apply

Please send us your CV and a cover letter to Laura Sobik, PhD (Assistant Director of CAPS, [email protected]). 

For our selection process, applications must be submitted by 5pm on January 3rd, 2020. We will review applications and offer interviews to selected candidates. We will make offers for placement at CAPS starting at 9 am on Monday February 10th

We are excited to begin this training program with you! Please do not hesitate to contact Laura with any questions you might have about our program, and we greatly look forward to hearing from you!