Urgent Assistance

If you have a situation that needs urgent care:

  • When we are open (M/F 8:30-5:00, 8:00-4:00 during summer)
  • Call us at 401-863-3476, or walk to J. Walter Wilson Room 512
  • Let the front office staff know you need immediate assistance

  • When we are closed
  • Call 401-863-3476 and press 1 to reach CAPS After Hours. 

  • In a life-threatening or medical emergency

  • 24/7: Call Brown EMS at 401-863-4111

  • To discuss a recent sexual assault confidentially:

  • 24/7: Call the Sexual Assault Response Line at 401-863-6000

  • To discuss an urgent mental health issue with non-Brown staff:

  • Call the National Helpline at 800-273-8255