An academic concentration--or major--is the focal point of a student's undergraduate experience. It is an in-depth study centering on one or more disciplines, a problem or theme, or a broad question. Brown offers nearly 80 concentration programs in a range of disciplines. Students also may petition to craft their own course of study through an independent concentration.

Essential information about all concentration programs is housed in Focal Point, which provides summaries of concentrations, required or optional tracks, capstones and honors, and the career paths taken by recent Brown alumni. Roll over the tiles to view short descriptions or narrow a search based on academic division, personal interests, and career opportunities. Clicking on any of the tiles will bring you to an information page for that concentration.

All students are required to choose a concentration by the middle of their fourth term of study. On-going conversation with their assigned advisors and other faculty help students sort out their options and explore their interests.  About 20% of students choose to concentrate in two areas. Students may declare two concentrations if they can complete all course requirements in the standard eight semesters of study.