Study Abroad or Study Away

Brown students may apply to study away from Brown, either abroad or at another U.S. institution, and to transfer their coursework back to Brown. Programs may be summer, fall, spring, or full-academic-year. Rules regarding transfer credit are complex; students must obtain pre-approval for the institution at which they wish to study as well as for the courses they wish to take. 

Study Abroad

The challenges shared by societies today are global and interdisciplinary. So too are the solutions.  For many students, studying in another country is an opportunity to advance their global competencies and further prepare for leadership in the 21st century.

Most Brown students who study abroad do so during their junior year. In fact, nearly half of the junior class studies abroad for one or two semesters. Many programs require that students demonstrate foreign language proficiency before they study abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to learn about international study opportunities early in their time at Brown so that they may plan their academic course of study accordingly. Students begin their exploration by attending the study abroad fair in the fall, going to an information session in the Office of International Programs (OIP), or browsing the OIP website and the "key questions" worksheet under Getting Started.

Where in the world: Brown’s Office of International Programs  offers a number of study abroad programs, exclusively or in collaboration with other highly selective U.S. universities. Students may also petition to receive Brown transfer credit from other program sites; such petitions must be formally approved for Brown credit prior to the study abroad experience.  

Who to talk to: After attending an information session, students meet with a study abroad advisor in the Office of International Programs.

Deadlines: It is critcal that students keep track of and meet the deadlines for applications and materials. Students applying to a program that is hosted by another institution -- whether it has already been approved by Brown or the student is petitioning to have it approved by Brown -- will have two sets of deadlines to meet: Brown's dates and those of the other program.

Fee structure: All Brown students who study abroad for academic credit are charged Brown University tuition while studying abroad. Students can apply their financial aid awards – including their full Brown scholarships -- toward their program abroad.

Pre-travel medical care: Students planning to travel or study abroad should call Brown Health Services well in advance to plan for appropriate vaccines and medicines; it may take a month or more to complete the immunizations and/or medications needed before leaving the United States. Students are encouraged to visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health website and review the Destinations section for health and vaccine recommendations by specific country. For additional information on pre-travel services, refer to the section on Medical Services on the Health Services website.

Study Away in the U.S.

Brown students may also study away at another U.S. college or university while they are enrolled at Brown. With the appropriate permissions, they can earn credit at other U.S. colleges and universities as part of their Brown degree. Students must obtain pre-approval from both a dean and a faculty member in a relevant department in order to transfer course credit back to Brown. Students who wish to transfer a course for concentration requirements must obtain a third permission from their concentration advisor.

Formal study away options include the Brown-Tougaloo Exchange and the Wheaton College Exchange Programs. Students may talk with deans in the College about these specific programs. Brown students who wish to study at other U.S. colleges or universities and want to transfer course credits back to Brown must obtain prior approval from the Dean of the College office as well as the appropriate academic departments.