Campus Safety

Safety at Brown

The Safety at Brown website provides summary information about  safety-related services, tools, policies, and best practices that will help protect members of the Brown community.

Brown University Department of Public Safety

Brown's Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a fully-accredited police department that provides a wide array of services to the Brown community. In addition to crime deterrence, investigation, and emergency response, DPS educates the campus community and provides training opportunities related to crime prevention and community safety. Visit the  Department of Public Safety website for more information about personal, property, building, and vehicle safety.

To help maintain a safe campus environment, Brown provides a range of transportation options, including the campus shuttles and walking escorts. Over 100 Blue Light emergency phones around campus connect a caller immediately to Public Safety. Residence halls are secured by a card swipe system: students swipe their Brown Card to enter their residence hall, then use their assigned brass key to access their living space.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an incident on or near campus, Brown Public Safety sends Campus Safety Notifications & Alerts by email to students, faculty, and staff. A campus-wide emergency alert system can contact thousands of students, faculty, and staff within minutes of an urgent situation or crisis. All Brown email addresses and Brown-owned phone numbers are loaded onto the BrownAlert system. To receive emergency text broadcasts on their personal cell phones, students must designate their cell phone numbers by logging into their Banner Personal Information at

Emergency Announcements

Emergency notifications may also be posted at The Emergency Announcements webpage will contain information and updates about the nature of a problem and steps being taken to address the problem, along with instructions for the University community, and resources for further information.