Required Immunizations

Rhode Island state law requires all students who enter a Rhode Island college or university to have received, and provide proof of receiving, a number of vaccines against significant communicable and preventable diseases. The mandatory Health Services forms for each entering class will list the specific immunizations required, but they are vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella; tetanus and diphtheria; hepatitis B; and varicella/chickenpox. Tuberculosis skin test (PPD) may also be required.  All of these are diseases which may be transmitted person-to-person, and for which prevention is in the public health interest.

Recommended Immunizations

Vaccination against meningococcal disease is strongly encouraged. College students have a greater risk of meningococcal infection than the general population because of the close living conditions and activities that are often a part of college life.

Assistance with Immunization & Forms

Health Services staff are happy to assist students who may be having difficulty putting together documentation of vaccination, or who need to receive vaccination or booster shots. Call (401) 863-3953 for assistance.


Any questions about the immunization requirements or documentation may be directed to Health Services at (401) 863-3953. The Health Services website also has a section for New Students with information about completing the on-line Health History Form and the Immunization Form.