Health & Wellness

College is a time when students, as young adults, learn to manage their own health and wellness needs. Multiple departments at Brown help students maintain healthy lifestyles, access medical care, and cope with changing academic pressures, difficult personal circumstances, or turning points in their lives.

HEALTH FEE: Because of the mandatory Health Fee, all actively-enrolled students may use Health Services as well as Counseling and Psychological Services, whether they have the Brown-sponsored health insurance plan or another plan. The student's health insurance comes into play for costs of tests, medications, vaccines, treatment, and outside referrals.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Students are automatically enrolled in the Brown Student Health Insurance Plan, which complements the services provided by Health Services and provides coverage in the Providence area. When determining whether to waive the Brown Student Health Insurance Plan, please evaluate your existing plan carefully to verify that your plan provides adequate coverage in the Providence area. While it is logical to decide to save money by relying on a parent's plan or other existing plan, students may end up with costs for or restrictions on care in Rhode Island that were not evident in the beginning. For example, many plans will not pay outside of your home area unless it is an emergency, which may result in your paying the full costs of tests or services. Additional information to consider in your insurance decision is available on the Student Health Insurance website.