Brown provides a residential learning environment that supports students' academic endeavors and fosters students' personal development. For this reason, Brown guarantees housing for any undergraduate who wishes to live on campus. In order to benefit fully from Brown's exceptional learning environment, undergraduates are required to live in on-campus housing through semester 6. 

Exceptions to Brown's housing policy may be made for enrolled undergraduates who are RUE students, are married and living with their spouse locally, or are living with their parent(s) locally. In such cases, students must petition to live off-campus. Information about campus housing may be found on the Residential Life website.

Undergraduate Students

First-Year Housing: The residential experience for first-year undergraduates is designed to address and support students' transition and community needs. First-years live in "units" of 40 to 80 students, along with several peer counselors who offer on-the-ground information about everything from classes to campus resources to local bike paths.  Information about first-year assignments and residence halls is available from Residential Life.

Room/mate assignments:

  • First-year students are assigned a roommate and a double room, or two roommates and a triple room, or a single room during the summer prior to their arrival at Brown. First-year students do not select their roommates.
  • After the first year, students select first who they want to live with (roommates or suitemates), and then select rooms through the housing lottery.

Housing and roommate concerns: Students who have concerns about their  housing, roommate(s), or residential community can start by talking with their residential peer leaders (CA, RC, MPC, or WPC).  They are also encouraged to meet with their Community Director (CD) -- a professional staff member who lives in the residence halls and has a daytime office in Residential Life. Students may call or stop by Residential Life to connect with the CD for their area of campus.

When are residence halls open/closed? Residence halls are open during the academic terms and over some holidays. Students may stay in their rooms during Thanksgiving and Spring Break (Meal Plan open through Thanksgiving; Spring Break meal plan available for purchase). Residence halls close for the Winter Break the day after the last final exam in December. Students who are unable to leave for Winter Break should talk with Residential Life as soon as possible to explore alternate housing arrangements for late December and the first few weeks in January. 

Additional details are available under Moving In and Moving Out on this website. Each year's Residential Calendar contains the dates that students may move in and move out of the residence halls. 

Off campus: Undergraduates who wish to live off campus must apply for and receive off-campus permission through the Office of Residential Life. Approximately 70-80% of seniors live off campus in a given year; anumber of juniors (perhaps 20% of the class) receive permission to live off campus based on the numbers of students and housing available in each year.

Graduate and Medical Students

Although most graduate and medical students reside off campus in privately-owned apartments, a small number live in off-campus residences owned by Brown. First-year graduate and medical students may apply for this housing option through Brown's Office of Auxiliary Housing. For information about all housing options for graduate and medical students, visit the Residential Life website.