Safety & Security

Students access their residence hall by swiping their Brown ID Card, which is programmed specific to their access needs. Students who need non-electronic access options for Sabbath observance may contact Residential Life.

Students access their room with a brass key, which is issued at move in and must be returned at move out. Brown University keys may not be duplicated by users. Unreturned room keys necessitate changing the locks on the room and creating new keys, for which the student is charged.

We remind students consistently of common sense tips for security in the residence hall, including: keep the door to the room locked at all times; keep exterior doors to the residence hall locked at all times, do not prop doors open or allow others to "tailgate" into the residence hall; report a lost key immediately; and report suspicious behavior in the residence hall by calling Public Safety promptly.

Fire Safety

The policy section of the Residential Life website includes information about fire alarms, drills, escapes, extinguishers and hazards. All residence halls are equipped with fire alarms that provide a loud alarm and light flash in common areas and individual rooms, and are connected to Brown University Public Safety and the Providence Fire Department; sprinklers in the common areas and individual rooms; fire doors as exterior, lounge, hall, stair and room doors; and fire extinguishers located in hallways and all kitchens.  Environmental Health and Safety staff conduct fire drills in all residence halls during the year.

Rhode Island state fire safety laws prohibit some items in residence halls that would be allowed in family homes or apartments (e.g., candles, space heaters, torchiere lamps with halogen bulbs).  A list of items that are allowed and disallowed, whether by state law or Brown policy, may be found on the Residential Life website, and is communicated to students before they arrive at Brown and repeated while they are on campus.

Health & Safety Room Inspections

Residential Life staff conduct pre-announced health and safety inspections of student rooms in the residence halls.  Students face fines for violations of health and safety rules -- such as having candles, pets, improper extension cords, space heaters, or other health and fire hazards in their residence hall room.  A list of allowed and disallowed items may be found on the Residential Life website.  New students receive multiple communications about what to bring and what not to bring when they move to campus; continuing students are reminded of health and fire safety rules and restrictions.