Mail & Packages

Undergraduate students are assigned individual mail boxes by University Mail Services, through which they receive campus and U.S. mail, as well as packages from specified carriers. Student mailboxes and Mail Services operations are located on the first level of J. Walter Wilson (69 Brown Street). Graduate students receive mail through their academic department; medical students have Medical School mailing addresses. You may check for student mail addresses in the on-line directory at  Students may also send or receive a Fax at Mail Services.

The address format for delivery to an undergraduate student's mail box is:

Student's Name
Brown University
69 Brown St. Box _____
Providence, RI 02912

Mail is not deliverable to a student mailbox when addressed to a nickname, in care of second party, student organization, or a business operated by the box number.

Before arriving on campus, undergraduates may ship packages to their mail box address to arrive no earlier than one week prior to the student's arrival. Due to the incoming volume at the beginning of the school year, packages may be distributed from an alternate site, which will be indicated on the arrival notice.

Care Packages

Flowers, balloons, cakes, and other perishable gifts for students who live in the residence halls must be delivered to the Residential Life front desk (Grad Tower E, 42 Charlesfield). Residential Life staff will notify a student of a delivery to be picked-up. Delivery personnel are not allowed in the residence halls.  

Birthday or celebratory cakes are available from the Brown Faculty Club.  Care packages may be ordered online from Brown Student Agencies.