Moving In / Moving Out

Moving In Dates

New undergraduates move into the residence halls based on the start date of Orientation programs each year. Students' participation in Orientation or other University programs dictates their move-in date.

Returning students (i.e., undergrads not new to Brown) are allowed to move in several days prior to the beginning of a term, typically on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the first day of classes. The Calendar on the Residential Life website lists each semester's move-in dates. Returning students who participate in certain University programs (e.g., the Meiklejohn Advising Program) may be granted an earlier move-in date, which will be communicated by Residential Life. 

Requesting Early Arrival

Students who must return to campus early may request permission to move into their residence halls before the designated start date of each term. Residential Life staff evaluate whether each request can be allowed, particularly since residence hall staff are not available prior to designated start dates. The required form, details, and associated fees are on the Residential Life website. While some of the dining venues may be open for cash sales, Meal Plan service in the Dining Halls is not available for early arrival.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

New students receive information before they arrive on campus about what to bring and what to leave at home when moving into the residence halls at Brown. This information is  included in the Guide to Brown book that new students receive several months before they arrive. It also appears in the email from Residential Life that provides a student's room and roommate assignment. The same information is published on the Residential Life website.

A number of items are clearly and specifically restricted from the residence halls due to Rhode Island fire laws or Brown policy. The list of prohibited items includes air conditioners, space heaters, candles, extension cords (use surge protector strips instead), halogen torchière up-lamps, pets, and weapons.

Winter Break

With the exception of Grad Center A-D, the residence halls are closed and locked during Winter Break.  Students are not allowed to remain in nor do they have access to their rooms during Winter Break. Students for whom international residence or other circumstance prevents them from leaving campus during Winter Break should speak with a staff member in Residential Life as soon as possible to discuss alternate arrangements.

Moving Out Dates

In December and May, students are required to move out of their residence hall room 24 hours after their last final exam.  All students in University housing receive email reminders of the date and time by which they must be out of their rooms. Residence hall closing dates are listed on the Residential Life calendar.

Requesting Delayed Departure

Students requesting housing after the residence halls close in December or May must fill out an extended housing request and contact Residential Life. The extended housing request  form, details, and fees are on the Residential Life website.