Off-Campus Permission

Undergraduates who wish to live off campus must apply for and receive off-campus permission through the Office of Residential Life. Approximately 70-80% of seniors live off campus in a given year.  A small number of juniors (perhaps 15-20% of the class) may receive permission to live off campus based on the numbers of students and housing available in each year.

Dates and deadlines

The off-campus permission process begins in September for the following year's housing.  Eligible students receive email from Residential Life with instructions and application deadlines. 

Students should not sign a lease for off-campus housing unless and until they receive written permission from Residential Life to live off campus. Students who sign a lease before receiving permission may find that their number does not come up for off-campus permission, and then be stuck with both an on-campus housing fee and an off-campus lease. 

Students abroad or on leave

Students who are abroad or on leave when applications are due may find their login blocked when attempting to access the off-campus application.  Students who encounter a blocked login should e-mail Residential Life for assistance.

Additional information

Residential Life policies and communications about off-campus options are posted in the Off-Campus Information section of the Residential Life website.