Center Spaces and Facilities

The FliCenter is located on the 5th floor of the Sciences Library in newly renovated space. We share the floor with the Writing Center, English Language Learners, and Tutoring.

FLiCenter Lounge (Room 525)

The living room of the Center, the lounge is an open use space. With comfortable seating and a TV, its ideal for studying, socializing, or just hanging out. The space is not available for private use or to be reserved as any member of the FLi community is welcome to use the space at any time during the hours the Center is open.

Shared Classroom and Event Space (Room 520)

The Center is hope to a flexible program space. The room can be configured in multiple set-ups, including 6 tables seating 6-8 each, one large open square, or collapsing and stacking tables and chairs to the side to have an open space that can accommodate approx. 40 people. The room also has a projector and screen, a lecturn, and writeable surfaces.

The space may be reserved through the University Scheduling Office for one-time events and uses. Availability is primarily from 8 AM-4 PM as evenings and weekends are generally reserved for Writing Center or FLiCenter affiliated programs. Please note that recurring reservations are only permitted for programs and groups affiliated with Writing Center or FLiCenter.

Common Area / Shared with the Writing Center & Tutoring

The 5th floor features two work nooks, each with four comfortable seats and a collaborative screen, and a number of small tables for individual or small group work. Throughout the floor, many of the surfaces are writeable with approved markers.

Along with study hours throughout the Sciences Library, you are welcome to make use of the common space when available. Please note that from 3-9 PM on Sundays through Thursdays, the small round tables in the central area of the 5th floor are reserved for Writing Center appointments.

Staff and Student Leadership Offices (Rooms 518 and 519)

The Center has two offices for use by Center staff and student leadership of affiliated groups and organizations. During staff office hours these spaces are open, please come in!