Legal Considerations and Knowing Your Rights

Legal Advice and Consultation

All students at Brown may receive university financial support for one meeting with an immigration lawyer of their choosing. This support applies to all students at Brown, including graduate, doctoral, and medical students. To access this support, students should set up an appointment with Vernicia Elie, Assistant Dean of the College for Financial Advising

Below are some links that may help you in finding a qualified and knowledgeable attorney.

Know Your Rights

The National Immigration Law Center has information that you may want to familiarize yourself with, including a card you can download to keep with you at all times. We also encourage you to keep your Brown University ID that communicates your membership in this community and also provides you emergency contact information on the back of the card.

Law Enforcement

Brown’s Department of Public Safety neither inquiries about nor acts upon information related to immigration status, and does not partner with federal or state agencies to do so. For more information, please contact Michelle Nuey, Manager & Advocate, Community Relations and Outreach Bureau. If immigration authorities are on campus, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.