Alcohol or Other Drug Use

Immediate Crisis ~ (401) 863-4111

Call Brown EMS at (401) 863-4111 if, for any reason, you are worried about the physical or psychological safety of anyone who has been drinking or using drugs. Call EMS if a person has trouble walking, has problems with speech or motor coordination, continues to vomit, has an injury, passes out, has problems breathing, has seizures, or is out of control in any way. Intoxication may be particularly risky for anyone who has diabetes because the alcohol-insulin-glucose interaction can be unpredictable.

When is disciplinary action taken?

Getting a student medical care for alcohol/drug use will not initiate disciplinary action or punishment. The student will be required to meet with a Health Educator, because this is an important opportunity to talk about making safer choices. This appointment is free and confidential.

If a student violates other standards of student conduct while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (i.e., the student vandalizes property, injures someone, etc.), there may be disciplinary action take. “I was drunk, and I didn’t know what I was doing” is not accepted as an excuse.

Dean for Issues of Chemical Dependency

If you are concerned about a student's alcohol or other drug use, but the student is not in immediate danger of harming themselves or someone else, contact the Dean for Issues of Chemical Dependency at (401) 863-2536. The Dean can contact the student for a confidential meeting, not revealing the source of information if you wish to remain anonymous. Any student who is concerned about their own or others’ alcohol and other drug use may consult with the dean.

Signs of an Ongoing Problem

If you are not sure if a student has an ongoing problem, the BWell Health Promotion Website has information about how to talk to a student about alcohol or drug use.