Ida Yalzadeh

Name: Ida Yalzadeh

Email: ida_yalzadeh [at] brown [dot] edu

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Department: American Studies

My interests: Reading (for fun!), getting lost in cities, podcasts

A fun fact about me: My favorite TV character is Kenneth from 30 Rock.




Amanda Boston


Name: Amanda Boston   

Email: amanda_boston [at] brown [dot] edu

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Department: Africana Studies

My interests: Travel, music, Duke basketball, and Southern food


large_greg pic.JPG

Greg Dachner

Name: Greg Dachner   

Email:  gregory_dachner [at] brown [dot] edu

Hometown: Oakland, California

Department: Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences

My interests: painting, virtual reality, board games, camping, people watching

A fun fact about me: I have been to every continent except Antarctica.



Ade Oyalowo

Name: Ade Oyalowo

Email: adewole_oyalowo [at] brown [dot] edu

Hometown: Bowie, Maryland

Department: Neuroscience

My interests: Sports, board games, data science, technology

A fun fact about me: Played Outside Linebacker for Brown University Football Team